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Check out the beautiful and exotic jellyfish. It may be a previously unknown species of jellyfish.

In the video above, you can see a giant jellyfish photographed by a diver in the waters off Papua New Guinea. The diver himself believed that the jellyfish, seeing four similar specimens, looked so strange that he sent the clip to his wife. The wife then uploaded the clip to Jellyfish, an app that should provide answers about jellyfish species.

When the researchers saw the clip, they were excited because the jellyfish was unlike anything they had seen before. At first, it was thought that this might be the second sighting of the mysterious jellyfish species Chirodectes maculatus, a type of jellyfish that was once documented several decades ago. However, some researchers are now inclined to believe that it is an observation of a previously unknown jellyfish species

However, it does not appear that it is possible to determine if it is a completely new species of jellyfish by studying the video clip of the jellyfish. So for now, the whole thing should remain a mystery, although some researchers still think it’s the jellyfish Chirodectes maculatus.

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Manet, Djurfiber, Papua Guinea

ChirodectesChirodectes is a very rare, monophyletic genus of box jellyfish in the family Chirodropidae.

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