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SAS Billion Dollar Loss After Pilot Strike • Judge Claims Details of FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago • Isaacs’ Brutal New Pay – After Record Move

The trial strike cost 1.4 billion s.a

SAS reported a pre-tax loss of SEK 1,91 million for the third quarter of its broken fiscal year, TT writes.

This can be compared to a loss of 1,334 million Swedish kronor in the corresponding year 2021.

“There was generally a stable baseline demand for travel during the summer quarter and SAS felt that more and more passengers wanted to get out and travel when restrictions were eased around the world. However, the overall result for the quarter was affected by some significant events”Anko van der Werve, CEO of SAS, wrote in the report according to Dagens Industri.

Van der Werf states that the company was hit hard by the 15-day trial strike in July. According to SAS, the strike has cost SEK 1.4 billion so far, TT reports.

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More details about Trump’s raid may be announced

A federal judge in Florida has ordered the Justice Department to release evidence that led to the search warrant at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

The reason this has not happened before is that the risk of witnesses being intimidated, hateful and violent was considered too high. In addition, the evaluation was that it could harm the investigation.

But the pressure from the media and the public was enormous. The documents – the so-called affidavits – are delivered no later than 6 pm on Friday Swedish time and will be withheld to some extent.

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Isaac’s new salary – 85 million SEK per year

Today, Swedish striker Alexander Isak is expected to be presented by his new club, Newcastle, in a deal worth SEK 740 million. According to Aftonbladet He will sign a five-year contract with the club and earn approximately 85 million kroner annually.

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Isak scored, on Sunday, a goal in Real Sociedad’s loss to Barcelona. In total, there were 33 goals for Real Sociedad during the three seasons he played in Spain.

The transfer fee of SEK 740 million would be a record sales for Real Sociedad and a signature record for Newcastle.

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