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Here, the luxury yacht My Saga, for 80 million, sinks into the sea

Here, the luxury yacht My Saga, for 80 million, sinks into the sea

The Italian Coast Guard has already received, on Saturday evening, a distress call from the luxury yacht “My Saga”, on its way to the coastal resort of Milazzo in Sicily.

According to the alarm The stern of the 39.4-meter yacht began to absorb water, as it passed through the observation bay in the Ionian Sea.. Reported by several international media outlets, including Bloomberg, CNN and Italian Gazzetta del Mezugiorno.

Soon, the Coast Guard was able to get four passengers and a crew member from the doomed luxury yacht, which by Saturday evening was nine nautical miles out at sea (just over 1.6 miles).

Strong track when the Coast Guard drags

When the Coast Guard returned by tow to My Saga Sunday morning, the weather had taken a turn for the worse and the luxury yacht was already heavily listed.

The three crew members and the captain who stayed on the sinking boat overnight toward Sunday could be rescued before the boat completely collapsed and sank with the bow pointed up.

The dramatic sequence of events where the luxury yacht was completely submerged in the sea was filmed by the Italian Coast Guard, and then a video was publicly posted on Twitter.

Owner is still unknown

It’s currently unclear who owns the My Saga superyacht, which was built by Italian shipyard Canteri San Marco and designed by British boat designer Tim Heywood, according to Bloomberg.

Before sinking, the luxury yacht sailed under the flag of the Cayman Islands and was valued at $7.8 million, equivalent to 82.7 million Swedish kronor, according to a Bloomberg report.

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The drama on the Ionian Sea is now being investigated by Italian authorities.

The Twitter post containing the dramatic images from the Italian Coast Guard (Guardia Costiera) translates to:

“For the past few days, Guardia Costera of Crotone has been coordinating rescue operations for the passengers and crew of a 40-meter yacht, which sank 9 miles from the Cantanzaro marina. An investigation has begun to determine the causes.”

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