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Chess.  What a fight!  Extra time was decided in Duda’s final match with Carlson

Chess. What a fight! Extra time was decided in Duda’s final match with Carlson

The second final on Saturday began with the defeat of the pole played by the whites. At this point, it is enough for Carlsen to get another point in the series for the next three games. Duda, who played in the CCD final for the first time in his career, made it very difficult for him.

Wieliczka’s Grandmaster won two consecutive games in beautiful style, adding 15 minutes and 10 seconds after each move, creating the opportunity for extra time in the final. He used it, drawing the fourth game with black, which gave him a 2.5-1.5 victory in the rematch. In view of Carlson’s win of 2.5: 0.5 on Friday, the rules required extra time, with two games at 5 minutes and 3 seconds.

Duda lost his first game to Black, and secondly, playing with white, he had to recognize the superiority of his rival.

Last year, the best Polish chess player played three times in the CCT quarterfinals, but in those matches he had to recognize the superiority of American Wesley Cho, Chinese Ding Liren and Carlson. In the first match of this year’s series, he did not advance to the top eight, but finished 13th.

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Now, as the finalist, he has confirmed his participation in the third match of the series, Major, which will take place on April 20-28.

Due to the decision of the organizers of the Play Magnus Group, Russian chess players did not participate in the Foundation. Four of them competed in the first edition of this year, and John Nibomniasci advanced to the final, where he lost to Carlson.

The March event coincided with a fundraising campaign for Ukraine, which has been attacked by Russian occupiers. Internet users who follow the competition can donate to a special UNICEF fund that supports humanitarian efforts for this country.

The second edition of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, the Chess Champions League, with $ 1.6 million in prizes, features nine events. The entire cycle ends on November 20 and for the second time the best online chess player of the season will be selected.