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Astro Wilkopolsky.  Elder Bishop Theophilus Wilsky has died.  He is 87 years old

Astro Wilkopolsky. Elder Bishop Theophilus Wilsky has died. He is 87 years old

On Saturday, Theobil Wilsky, Deputy Bishop of the Diocese of Kallis, died in a hospital in Astro Vilgopolsky in 1995-2011, the Curia of the Diocese of Kallis announced in a statement on its website. The clergyman is 87 years old.

On Saturday, the senior bishop of the Diocese of Kaliska, Theophilus Wilsky, was pronounced dead at a hospital in Astro Vilgopolsky. “Thank you Bishop Theophilus for their life and ministry, and pray for his purpose” – it was announced in the press release. Information about the date of the funeral and the sequence of the funeral will be “provided soon” – Curia promises.

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He is 87 years old

Bishop Theophilus Wilsky was born on October 16, 1935, in Archbishop Guinea. He was created pastor for Primate Major Seminary in Gnisnow, where he was ordained a priest by Bl on June 11, 1960. Stephen Cardinal Weissinsky. After two years of pastoral service – as reported by Khalis Curia – he was sent to specialize in obstinate theology at Lublin Catholic University, where he received his doctorate in theology. One of the main threads of his scientific work is trinitology. For two years he was a staff member of the Metropolitan Curia in Gnisno. He was the pastor of the seminary from 1982-1988 and its rector from 1989-1995.

Bishop Theophilus Wilsky passed awayDiocese of Galicia

On April 8, 1995, Pope John Paul II was ordained Pope. Dr. Theophilus Wilsky, Named Bishop of Costello de Mauritania and Vice-Chancellor of the Diocese of Kallis. He was ordained Bishop of St. Cathedral on May 8, 1995. Nicholas in Kallis. The keynote speaker was Jersey Stroba, Archbishop of Bosnan. Since May 15, 1995, Pastor Kallis has been the Vicar General of the Diocese. At the Polish Bishops’ Conference, he co-chaired the Seventh-day Adventist Church Conversation with the Community. On October 31, 2011, he retired and moved to a retirement home in Astro Vilkopolsky. He died on March 26, 2022 after a long illness.

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Main photo source: Diocese of Galicia