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The scandal that preceded the Fame MMA14.  Norman Park attacked his rival ... with a flap

The scandal that preceded the Fame MMA14. Norman Park attacked his rival … with a flap

In recent days, before Norman Park’s fight with Piotr Celica on the Fame MMA14, emotions have been growing unexpectedly. Initially, both players were very quiet, but in the last days there was great aggression on both sides. It peaked on Friday.

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Pyotr Celica was attacked by Norman Park

YouTube / Norman Park attacked Piotr Szeliga

The first events with Norman Park and Piotr Celica before the collision at Fame MMA14 were very quiet. They also seemed to have a lot of respect for each other. However, this has changed a lot in recent days.

The player from Northern Ireland is very aggressive towards the pole. From time to time she challenges him, reminding him of the times he had to work physically in Great Britain. On the other hand, it means that Celica is not indebted to him.

On Friday, the two had the opportunity to face each other during the “Face2Face” show. However, it was very hard to see them screaming at each other. However, the peak of bad emotions came when Barke ordered Shelika to “lick her flip-flops”.

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Unable to bear it by the pole he hit his opponent with an open hand. The latter, on the other hand, was not indebted to him and … hit him with a flap. This was the moment that came closest to the fight. Fortunately, the security forces intervened in a timely manner.

On Saturday, May 14th, the two will have the opportunity to explain their conflict at the Fame MMA14. The evening fight of the event will feature “Zimmer” and “Tromba”. In addition, in the angle we will look at the other Sergiusz “The Nitrozyniak” Górski, Katarzyna Alexander and Dawid Malczyński.

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