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The Slug Grand Prix in Warsaw began with disgrace.  Holidays then

The Slug Grand Prix in Warsaw began with disgrace. Holidays then

On Saturday, May 14, the Grand Prix Slug tournament will return to Warsaw after a two-year hiatus. Finally, the best world hunters competed in 2019 at the facility in the capital. Let’s look at the four representatives of Poland in the starting lineup. Masij Janowski, Patrick Dudek, Pavos Presetbesky and Bardos Smarslik, who became the best players in the opening match of the World Championships this season in Goregan, will start.

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First, a big shame, then a big holiday. ¯u¿lowa Grand Prix returns to Warsaw

Uławy fans are rubbing their hands with the idea of ​​the Polish Grand Prix as one of the qualifying rounds of this year’s World Championships. Impressa This game has been a real celebration at the National Stadium in recent years. However, it all started in 2015 with a huge humiliation. It was then that the GB pitcher competition visited the famous campus for the first time.

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At that time, the competition in Warsaw was open until M¦. The event was also a great farewell to Tomasz Gollob, who received a wild card for starting the tournament. One of the most famous Polish Jews in history announced his retirement. However, the celebration was marred by the mistakes of the organizers. The team, led by former world champion Ole Olesen, prepared terribly for the ride. Thus, many riders refused to ride during training.

– We can all say the path is shit! – quoted three-time world champion Nicki Pederson by In 2012, the national stadium was renamed the “National Swimming Pool” after a rainstorm that left Poland and England unable to play a match due to the incorrect decision not to cover the roof. In the case of Slag GB, it was referred to as “a sandbox in the national park”.

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To make matters worse, the startup engine crashed. As a result, the destroyers did not move as usual from under the tape, but the green light was a sign of fading. The organizers were only able to extend their hands once again as they did not make sure there was a replacement machine on site. In the end, the match ended after twelve races, and Slovene Madage ®agar won. The highest in Poland was Jaros Humpel, who was third. Disappointed fans left the stadium en masse before the decoration and farewell ceremony for Tomas Golob. Earlier, the mistakes of the organizers were loud and clear.

Fortunately, in subsequent years, the competition at the national stadium was appropriate for both the organization and the game. The affluent have been replaced. Everything was overseen by others under the then coach of the Polish national team, Marek Seelak. The fans watched the special show. British mother Woffinton won.

The success was repeated in 2017 and beyond. The fact that none of the poles were able to win was a disappointment to the fans. In 2017, Sweden won Frederick Lindgren. A year later, Tai Woffinden became the best again. In 2019, Leon Matson, Dunsik won. Before this year’s competition, bee fans in our country believe that one of the poles can finally win at the national stadium.

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