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Eurovision 2022. Augustine Egrola translated the dance set for the song "River"

Eurovision 2022. Augustine Egrola translated the dance set for the song “River”

Christian Ochman In the final Eurovision 2022 Performed his “River” song. His performance was kept in a dark atmosphere and the dancers danced with him on stage Augustina Acroly. Wearing fringed clothes and with veiled faces, the strength of the singer is like “water nymphs”. At one point, they started banging on him. In the studio of Televija Polska, after the finals of Eurovision 2022, Augustine Egurola told how the dance set was made and how the rehearsals were. He revealed that the idea for the performance came mainly from Christian Ochman. “Preparing for such a performance is a process, you do not enter the room and the dance system is created immediately. Directors work on the concept and talk to the artist. The challenge was to make the piece unique and not spoil it, “he said.

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Eurovision 2022. Translated by Augustine Egrola Dance System

Augustine Egrola noted that the choreography and special effects used during Christian Ochmann’s performance would support the play’s. “That’s why this work took so long. In Warsaw, the first concept of the show was produced, we recorded what we imagined and sent it to Turin. There it was accepted, so we came to Turin and the rehearsal lasted for two weeks. That view was a great opportunity for us because it was this fountain that followed the river. We fixed everything in space “- explained the choreographer.

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“Dance is secondary. The most important thing is personality, glamor, the artist’s idea. We ask what the artist wants to show and what his vision is about his acting. Christian told us very clearly what he expected. He does not like distracting dance in any way, ”he said.

“We have to create chaos around him and do that at some point on stage he will be thrown out of balance. To show more of this suffering and longing“- Added.

Augustine Egrola also spoke about the Ukrainian Kalush band, the winner of Eurovision 2022.

The choreographer noted.

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