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China refuses to call Russia’s attack an invasion

After hours Russian military attack In Ukraine, Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, questioned the name of the Russian action as an invasion. It’s a biased way of self-expression, according to Hua Chunying.

At the same time, China neither condemned nor supported the attack. It is typical of caution Balance China goes Among the different interests in the Ukraine crisis. On the other hand, China shows its rhetorical support for Russia and joins Putin’s historian who says that the United States and NATO are the cause of the tense situation. On the other hand, an important part of China’s foreign policy is that its territorial integrity must be respected, and so far China has avoided not supporting or condemning a military invasion. In addition, the country does not want to upset the West so much that it harms its economy, which is closely linked to the American economy.

in line with it Lindance was the first cautious Chinese reaction to the Russian attack. Hua Chuying called on all parties to exercise restraint and prevent the situation from becoming out of control. China still hopes that dialogue can remove tensions.

Earlier this week, Hua Chuying also declared that sanctions against Russia are illegal and ineffective.

China and Russia have recently moved closer together in their joint efforts to reduce US dominance on the world stage. They have expanded their cooperation militarily, economically and technologically. They want to see a new world order The United States abdicates as a superpower and sees liberal democracies as enemies.

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Severe economic sanctions against Russia await now. US President Joe Biden will meet with leaders of the Group of Seven nations on Thursday, after which a decision is expected on the details.

China may play a critical role in the extent of the damage to sanctions. There is much to suggest that China Russia will help financially to dampen the effect.

can work About lending money to state-owned banks, buying more energy and quickly enabling transactions outside the international payment system, from which there are plans to exclude Russia.

Unless the West invests in China at great cost, China will stand in the background and help Russia financially, says Jacob Jakubowski, a China expert at the think tank’s Center for Oriental Studies.

He notes that since the annexation of Crimea, dollar-based trade between the two countries has declined. This increases opportunities for China to mitigate the effects of sanctions against Russia.

It is not clear how much financial support from China. The state must balance its actions with the risk of sanctions. Chinese banks rely on global financial networks for international business, and Chinese high-tech companies need to import components, for example, to manufacture mobile phones.