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China’s exercises: torpedoing the giant battleship |  News

China’s exercises: torpedoing the giant battleship | News

In the Chinese simulation, 24 hypersonic anti-ship robots were used to sink the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R Ford in 20 battles. This is evident from a report by Chinese military planners seen by the South China Morning Post.

Hypersonic weapons will be a “disaster” for the warship, which is 300 meters long and 80 meters high, the largest in the world.

Fights after multiple warnings

In the simulation, the fighting broke out after “several warnings” from the Chinese side. The US ships were reportedly attacked for the first time after they approached an island annexed by China in the South China Sea. However, it is not clear which island is intended.

In addition to the USS Gerald R. Ford, other US warships have been sunk in the scenarios. It will be about some of the top models in the US fleet, according to SCMP.

SCMP was unable to confirm that the information in the report is correct. But a Chinese military source says it appears to be reliable.

“The accuracy of the data used to simulate maneuvers is critical to their usefulness when calculating possible scenarios,” the source said.

It is located in the harbor in Oslo

The USS Gerald R Ford was previously described as unsinkable. It is the largest, newest, and most advanced technology that the US Navy has.

Since Wednesday, the ship has been in the port of Oslo. The visit was described as a clear sign against Russia and President Vladimir Putin. During the time in Norway, the warship will, among other things, participate in exercises along the northern coast.

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– We are glad that they have come to our waters to train so that we can work together in the event of a dangerous situation, said Norwegian Defense Minister Bjorn Arled Gramm SVT News Wednesday.

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