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Chivalry II: The Galencourt Update Brings a New Mode and More

Chivalry II’s medieval battlefield continues to grow as the Galencourt update brings new content to the game – including a new mode.

With “House Galencourt,” Torn Banner Studios today released a new, free update to the medieval multiplayer game Chivalry II. This brings with it new content that is equally available on PC (via the Epic Games Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

What exactly is offered to you? The update includes two new maps, an all-new game mode, the return of the arrow camera feature from the first equestrian, over 60 new customization options, and more. At the same time, this content update is only intended to mark the first step, because the content creators want to continue to provide additional content for the title in the future.

The main features of today’s update are officially mentioned as follows:

  • Galencourt (new team goal card): The Masonic army brutally besieged the great-walled city of Gallencourt, seat of the Agateque Church. Players take the mighty castle ramparts, blow up harbor ships, and desecrate the ruins and Federed’s tomb!
  • Yard (New Team Deathmatch / Free-for-All / Arena Map): An agreement to resolve the battle for the court is broken by a duel of heroes and the unsuspecting nobles are drawn into the carnage.
  • Arena mode: Players will experience more competitive and smaller battles with an emphasis on teamwork in this new game mode, where teams compete 3 on 3 against each other and the winner is decided by the first victory in 5 rounds. Arena mode will be playable on special versions of 3 maps: ‘Tournament Land’, ‘Drill Fight’ and the new map ‘Courtyard’.
  • Arrow camera: By popular demand, shooters can look forward to the return of the beloved Chivalry: Medieval Warfare feature, which attaches a dart-shooting camera for truly cinematic action shots.
  • Over 60 new customization items: Armory receives over 60 options for new weapons, armor, voice acting, and more that players can use to customize the appearance of the Agatha Knight and Masonic Order teams. Highlights include Argon Sword, Skull Breaker Mace, Golden Leaf Shield, and more!
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Chivalry II – House Galencourt . Update Trailer

Chivalry II has received a comprehensive new update.