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The most important changes in Thunderbird 91

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The open source mail client Thunderbird finally supports Apple’s new M1 chips. But there are also changes in Windows and Linux.

Thunderbird 91 brings some improvements, especially under the hood. The mail client now runs in multi-process mode as standard for the first time. The technology used in modern processors ensures better use of the CPU core and at the same time greater stability, since a process crash no longer necessarily leads to a crash of the entire program. Mozilla introduced the same technology in Firefox in 2017.

in a 91- Masoud You can finally change the order of the different mail accounts directly via the user interface. So now you had to install an add-on for this. Also useful: Thunderbird now warns you if you want to send email to an address that might not be intended for receiving messages. For example, [email protected]

Thunderbird 91: Other New Features and Availability

In Thunderbird 91 there are now keyboard commands to go directly to the To, CC, or BCC fields. In addition, Firefox can now natively display PDF files thanks to the JavaScript library PDF.js. In the future, the mail client address book will also support the CardDAV standard for synchronizing address information. Outlook contacts are now supported as well.

On the official Thunderbird website, only the previous version is still shown for direct download from the start page. You can use this link to download Thunderbird 91 But you can also download it now for Linux, Windows or macOS. This is currently the only way to get the new version of the mail client. An update to the previous version will only be released at a later time.

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