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Chojniczanka Chojnice – Motor Lublin 1-0 (1-0).  28 Round E Winner 2. La Liga

Chojniczanka Chojnice – Motor Lublin 1-0 (1-0). 28 Round E Winner 2. La Liga

Who would have thought that the players will play hard from the first whistle of the referee. The referee had a lot of work, the players focused on chasing the opponent’s legs and maybe that’s why the fans didn’t see any goals at the time. The only goal of the match was scored by Tomasz Mikowiacak to lead the Chugenizanka eleven. The goal was scored in the same minute.

In the 33rd minute, Motor Lublin’s player, Tomasz Kołbon, was penalized with a card. In the 37th minute, Yakub Koseki was replaced by Dmitriy Mandisenko. A minute before the end of the first half, Mateusz Klichovic received a card from Chugnichanka.

In the 45th minute there was a change in the Motor Lublin team. Tomasz Swędrowski joined Tomasz Kołbon. The first half ended with a modest progress from the eleven Chugnichanka team.

And in the 53rd minute, the referee gave a yellow card to Thomas Mikowichak of Chugenizanka, and Thomas Sudrowski of the opposing team in the 54th minute. In the 56th minute, Adam Ryczkowski was replaced by Damian Sudzikowski, who was to strengthen the Motor Lublin team. The opposing team’s coach also decided to renew the squad, replacing Mateusz Klichovic with Philip Carboy in the 68th minute and Tomas Mikowajczak in place of Simon Skrzybczak in the same minute.

Moments later, Motor Coach Lublin decided to bring more freshness into his midfield and in the 70th minute replaced tired Jakub Świeciński. Rafay Kroll entered the field, and his job was to bring some calm to the middle of the field. The referee gave Chojniczanka players yellow cards: Mateusz Sejica in the 76th minute and Micho Mikołajczyk in the 88th minute. In the same minute, Chojniczanka’s coach decided to defend the score and set up a defensive line. Midfielder Mateusz Djejska was Kacper Kasperowicz, a model defender who was supposed to help his team defend the score. The coach turned out to be a good strategist, and his decision allowed Chugenizanka’s eleven to maintain the lead.

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At the same moment there was a change in the Chojniczanka team. Łukasz Wolsztyński married Artur Pląskowski. Damian Bertik, Chugnikzanka’s player, got a card in overtime. No goals were scored in the second half.

It was a brutal game. Both teams focused more on fouling the opponent than on scoring goals. The referee showed Chuzhnikizanka players five yellow cards, while Moto Lublin players were given two.

Both teams made four changes.