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Chris Cameron will survive 60 days on a rocky island in the Atlantic Ocean

The current record was set by Nick Hancock, a surveyor from Ratho near Edinburgh, who in 2014 managed 45 days at Rockall. He, too, had embarked on a 60-day voyage in the Atlantic, but had to abandon the attempt after losing several days’ worth of food in a storm.

Chris Cameron goal He is first and foremost to break the record, but the hope is to manage 60 Days on Rock Island, he writes. Watchman. Rockall was annexed by Great Britain in 1955 and several times disputes broke out between the British and the Irish over which country had the right to fish in the area.

Rockall is located about 370 kilometers from the nearest permanently inhabited place. The rocky island is 17 meters high and about 31 meters long, but when Chris Cameron completed his record attempt, he wouldn’t walk free. Instead, he will spend his months on the island on a rocky ledge about four meters long and about one and a half meters wide.

By trying to register hope Teacher to be able to raise money for charity. Cameron tells the Guardian he has been fascinated by the island since 1985 when Tom McClain, formerly of the British Air Force, managed to spend 40 days on the island and set a record first.

– It’s simply an amazing place – the most remote place in Britain, Chris Cameron tells The Guardian.

Current record holder Nick Hancock told the newspaper that he would be “certainly disappointed” if Cameron broke the record.

– I always knew it would be defeated at some point, but I hoped it would last more than a decade. But if Cam beats it, that’s a good deed, he says.

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