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Church fires may be linked to mass graves in Canada

On Sunday night, Keith Crowe, indigenous local government leader in British Columbia’s Similkamen region, was alerted to a fire at Chewbacca’s Catholic Church. When he reached the site, the church was completely burned down.

Shortly thereafter, a new alarm device arrived at him. Another Catholic Church, St. Anne’s Church, located about 60 kilometers from Chewbacca, also began to burn.

The fires took place for five days After two other churches were torched in Okanagon, British Columbia on Monday night, June 21. The wooden churches were more than a hundred years old and were located in Aboriginal Canadian territories in western Canada.

– IM angry. I can’t see anything positive coming out of this, says Keith Crowe CBC.

– Many here are members of the Catholic Church and they are very upset, he says.

It is not clear what caused the church fires, but police suspect it was planted and possibly linked to the recently discovered mass graves.

Mass graves were discovered at two Catholic boarding schools with the remains of more than 1,000 children of Canadian descent. The children were students at the formerly run religious boarding schools in Canada.

At one of the largest, Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia, the remains of 215 children were found in May.

On June 23 – two days after the first church fires – a new mass grave was found with the remains of another 761 children. This time at Marival Boarding School in the central province of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Stuart Phillips Chairman of the Board مجلس The Indigenous Peoples Council of British Columbia says parishioners have mixed feelings and some anger that churches are important meeting places for them.

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According to Philip, there is an “extreme hatred” among some parishioners against the Catholic Church after attending school, the CBC wrote.

More than 100 religious boarding schools were part of Canada’s compulsory education system before it was abolished in 1996. Since its establishment in 1831, nearly 150,000 children have been enrolled in schools against their will, many of which, according to a 2015 report, were abused physical and sexual. The goal was to accommodate children, according to the report.

Additionally, a commission from 2008 decided that at least 4,100 children had disappeared from boarding schools. but for The New York Times A representative of the commission stated that the number could be more than 10,000.

of those who did not return He was friends with Barry Kennedy – they went to Marieval boarding school together.

He recalls a memory from school when his friend was dragged away one night and disappeared – and Barry Kennedy says he wouldn’t be surprised if more unmarked graves were discovered in the now-closed boarding schools.

“I think from the stories I’ve heard from old friends and students, there are more places in every school,” he tells CBC.

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