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Church-goers beat mass shooters |  Hollandsposten

Church-goers beat mass shooters | Hollandsposten

The shooting took place at a luncheon after mass at the Geneva Presbyterian Church in the town of Laguna Woods on Sunday.

to me the police In Orange County, one victim died on the spot, four seriously injured and one lightly injured. All victims are adults.

About 30-40 people were in the room when the perpetrator went to attack. The alarm came at 13.26 local time and led to a significant increase.

The priest hit the chair

According to the people who were present, the priest took the opportunity to hit the offender in the head with the chair when it was reloaded, and the offender could then be overpowered.

– How sad. I never thought something like this would happen in my church, in my community, says 72-year-old Chen, who was the one who reported the incident to the police.

– We are mostly retired people, and the average age in our church is 80, he says.

“Exceptional Championship”

Orange County police commend churchgoers’ intervention in stopping the perpetrator and say at a news conference that the man was arrested when police arrived.

“We believe a group of churchgoers detained him, tied him to an electrical cord, and confiscated at least two weapons,” says Jeff Hallock, a police officer in Press Conferencecontinues:

– That group of church-goers showed what we consider exceptional heroism and courage when they intervened to stop the suspect. Their efforts undoubtedly resulted in fewer injuries and deaths.

The detainee is a man in his sixties who does not believe he belongs to the church and does not live near it.

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“We don’t know what the suspect’s motive was, or whether he had a specific purpose or if it was even a hate-related event,” Hallock says.

Police said the seized weapons were two pistols.