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France promises support if Sweden or Finland are attacked

France is the only nuclear power in the European Union and has one of the strongest conventional defenses in Western Europe.

Russia is not mentioned in the statement from the Elysee Palace, but as in Boris Johnson’s visit to Sweden The addressee last week is clear:

“Any country that tries to test European solidarity through threats or any form of aggression against the sovereignty of Finland or Sweden must know for sure that France will stand by these two countries,” the Elysee Palace said in a statement.

Emmanuel Macron welcomes you Finland and Sweden’s decision to apply for membership in NATO underscores that the two countries’ “strong” defense capabilities will strengthen the entire defense alliance. He asserts that these two countries, like France, defend democracy, individual freedom, and the importance of the rule of law.

France also reaffirms its commitment to comply with the so-called solidarity clause in the Treaty of the European Union (Article 42 (7)), according to which all EU states are obligated to assist a member state under “armed attack on its territory”. .

At the European Union summit in Versailles In March, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin recalled this commitment at a formal session. letter to their colleagues. It may also have been brought up in a phone conversation last week between Magdalena Anderson and Emmanuel Macron.

“Very good conversation,” Anderson wrote afterwards, and confirmed that she “much appreciates France’s support for choosing Sweden for defense and security.”

In the same way As in the UK’s declaration of solidarity with Sweden, there is a firecracker in the EU solidarity clause that support must be consistent with any of NATO’s commitments. If NATO wants to avoid direct conflict with a potential aggressor – as is the case in Ukraine today – then support during the application period can be limited to arms deliveries, intelligence and other support.

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However, Macron wrote in the statement that France is already ready to “deepen defense and security cooperation, participate in high-level strategic deliberations and expand military cooperation” with Finland and Sweden.

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