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Cieślak – Okoli.  fight card

Cieślak – Okoli. fight card

On Sunday, Michaiu Chislak (21-1, 15 KO) will have a chance to win the WBO World Youth Heavyweight Champion title. His opponent will be current champion Lawrence O’Cole (17-0, 14 KO). It will be the main event of the party taking place at the London O2 Arena. Here’s the battle card for the Cieślak – Okolie party.

Pięścierz of Radom will fight for the world championship for the second time in his career. In January 2020, he lost points in Kinshasa to Ilunga Makabo. This is Cieślak’s only defeat in the professional arena so far. Since then, the 32-year-old has won two matches ahead of time at the Polsat Boxing Night galas and secured a second chance for the World Championship.

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However, the task facing him is very difficult. Okolie has yet to taste failure in his career. He finished 14 wins out of 17 ahead of time. In addition, he has already left two Poles on the undefeated field in championship fights – Nikodim Yuzhevsky and Krzysztof Jovaki. In his most recent appearance, “The Sauce” knocked out Montenegro’s Dylan Brasović in the third round.

Interestingly enough, Cieślak is not the only Pole to enter the ring in London on Sunday. Łukasz Maciec and Aleksander Nagolski will also be presenting their skills. Polish actors will cross the gloves with Anthony Fowler and John Hedges respectively. In total, there are nine professional boxing matches in the Battle Card.

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Karta Walk:

Lawrence Okoli (17-0) – Michael Celak (21-1)

Karim Al-Qarfi (30-5) – Jordan Gill (26-1-1)

Anthony Fowler (15-2) – ukasz Maciec (27-3-1)

Fabio Wardley (12-0) – Daniel Martz (20-9-1)

Jalal Yafei (0-0) – Carlos Fado Bautista (10-4-1)

Dempsey McCain (20-0) – Ariel Esteban Bracamonte (11-6)

Campbell Hutton (5-0) – Joe Ducker (9-8-2)

Chivonne Clark (0-0) – Tony Vecic (20-29-2)

John Hedges (4-0) – Alexander Nagulsky (2-1)

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