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Clermont hopes to score world record in 110m hurdles

Sasha Chuya, a rising star in French athletics, was crowned the world under-20 champion in the 110m hurdles on Saturday, breaking her world record in this category in the final in Nairobi (Kenya).

It is a new phenomenon that is making its mark in athletics.

Sasha ChuyaThe rising star of French athletics, On Saturday, he was crowned the U-20 World Championship in the 110-meter hurdles, breaking his world record in this category with a time of 12 seconds and 72/100 in the final in Nairobi (Kenya).

Zhoya, 19, had already set the previous U20 record the day before in qualifying with a 12sec 93/100, dropping for the first time in his career below the 13sec threshold in this class.

tap wind +1, Clermontois defeated Jamaican Vashaun Vacianna Walpole Jacob Szymansky.

“I am very happy, the job is done”Zhoya said after his completion.

Sacha Chua, a great hope for French athletics From the perspective of the Paris Olympics in 2024, she was born in Australia to a French mother and a Zimbabwean father. He splits his time between Australia and Clermont-Ferrand

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