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College campus and other vehicles in the trailer

College campus and other vehicles in the trailer

Milestone has released additional video material about the licensed contestant “Hot Wheels Unleashed”. The clip, which reveals some of the game scenes, shows the gaming environment on campus and some hot games.

The college campus is reminiscent of a typical American university and provides a complex environment with three main areas: the library, classroom, and chemistry lab. Players can build courses that extend from room to room by using the main entrance as the conductor. The most brave students will find that the school’s ventilation system serves the same purpose …

Six cars were revealed

The trailer also reveals six new cars from the 60+ available in the game at launch. Flitzer Street Wiener, Total Disposal, Power Rocket, Skull Crusher, Tanknator, Winning Formula and Exotique will be offered.

You have many options with vehicles on the race tracks. You can drift and load the booster, and depending on the manufacturer, you can race through amazing loops. You can drive against a friend using split screen mode. Up to 12 online galleries are supported.

With the track editor, you can create your own creations, bend and drag the famous orange parts, add loops, special boosters, obstacles and special items.

More on Hot Wheels unleashed:

The arcade contestant “Hot Wheels Unleashed” will be released on September 30, 2021 for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. You can watch the trailer mentioned at the beginning below.

More news about Hot Wheels unleashed.

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