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Apple will include SignTime in stores and communicate in sign language

Apple announced Launch of Signtime, a new service for consumers to communicate in sign language With customer service and receiving assistance in their physical stores.

The American company introduced many developments related to improving accessibility for people with visual impairment, Hearing, knowledge, and mobility, both on their device like Apple Watch and in their stores, Apple also mentioned in a statement.

Among these novelties, SignTime stands out, which will be available from Thursday, and is aimed at people with hearing impairments. This will allow you to communicate in sign language with Apple’s customer service and support services through web browsers or over the phone, but also in physical stores.

The service includes official sign languages ​​in English for the United States and the United Kingdom and in French for France. For now, it will be available in these three countries, but Apple plans to include other countries in the future.

It will provide them with SignTime Users Reaching out for sign language interpreters when visiting an Apple Store No appointment is required for technical assistance.

For users with limited upper body movement, the company Introduced new AssistiveTouch technology in Apple Watch, which will allow commands to be executed via sensors Such as a gyroscope and accelerometer to perform actions and commands by making certain hand gestures such as pressure or pressure.

Innovations in software bring eye tracking to iPads, allowing the use of external devices To perform this function. Later this year, devices compatible with the Apple ecosystem will be able to see where a person is looking at the screen so that the cursor moves there, and Constant eye contact will act as a touch.

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Devices An update will also be available in late 2021 as Apple adds support for headphones Bidirectional. This allows deaf or hard of hearing people to use hands-free mode on phone and FaceTime.

Finally, Apple includes new features aimed at people who are blind or visually impaired in the screen reader. VoiceOver, which describes the images. Thanks to them, there will be more details about people, text, objects and images in those photos.

The company is adding new, more varied background sounds and new button control audio actionsCustomizable text and screen size settings, new emojis with cochlear implants, oxygen tubes and a protective helmet, new features and content To celebrate the International Day to promote awareness of web accessibility.