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Fortnite Season 6: Build and destroy sandcastles

Don’t forget the shovel, the bucket and the mold!

Before Fortnite Season 6 It goes to the already advertised extension, and it’s still new Tasks for the tenth week in the program. Two epic missions send you ashore this time: You have to do once Building special sand castles And after that Destroy special sand castlesAnd it is only possible in a few specific locations on the Fortnite map. We’ll show you what these are on this page.

Fortnite Season 6: Building and Destroying Sandcastles:

Fortnite: Build special sandcastles – locations on the Season 6 map

For the first mission, you must build three special sand castles. Logically, you need sand for this, so it’s on the beach. A look at the map shows that there are quite a few streaks of sand around the island, but you can only build a sand castle on a few of them. Specifically, for this mission you have to either go to the “trusted rental” landmark or to the northern edge of the Dirty Docks. We’ve located the exact locations for you on the map below.

Fortnite Season 6: Map with locations to build special sandcastles.
  1. The first place you can build private castles is Dirty Docks. Specifically, you have to go to the sand bar directly northeast of the harbor area. Just look for an umbrella with two chairs on the beach, then you’ll find three “construction sites” for the job. Interact with it and your castle works.
    Fortnite Season 6: Directly to the northeast of the Dirty Docks, you can build special sandcastles.
  2. The second place to build your own forts is the beach directly in front of the Five Huts for “Trusted Hire”, which can be found on the southwestern edge of the map (southwest of Holly Hedges). Once again, there are three places next to two beach chairs that you can interact with to build sandcastles.
    Fortnite Season 6: In Trusted Rental in the Southwest, you can also build private sandbox castles.

Fortnite: Destroy special sandcastles – in these places you can demolish castles

After you built three castles for the first time, you must now demolish three castles again in the next mission. Here, too, you have to go to the beach again, but in different places than before to build. Again, two places are available for you, the strip of sand northeast of Noblada Island (this is the tiny island in the southwest of the map) or on the beach northeast of the Craggy Cliffs. We’ve spotted the exact locations on the map below.

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Warning: There are also sand castles in Sweaty Sands and Southeast Steamy Stacks, but they don’t count for this mission. You can destroy them if you work with them with a pickaxe, but castles are demolished for the mission by interaction.

Fortnite Season 6: Map with special sand castles to destroy.
  1. The first place to destroy sandcastles is near the Craggy Cliffs. Just follow the beach path to the east, then you’ll come across three parachutes and leagues after gray boulder. Around it, three castles are built that glow blue and you can interact with them to destroy them.
    Fortnite Season 6: Northeast of Craggy Cliffs Destroy special sandcastles.
  2. The beach northeast of Noblada Island is the first choice when it comes to demolishing sandcastles. The island was added with a 16.40 patch (you can find Aurelia there), and the adjacent beach area was also changed slightly as a result. So you will now find three sand castles around the pavilion. Interact with them and the job is done.
    Fortnite Season 6: On the mainland northeast of Isla Nublada, you can also destroy special sand castles.

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