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Comet Leonard will appear in 80,000 years: where to see

Today you can see Comet Leonard, as it will pass through the Earth closely after 80 thousand years invisible. Can it be seen in Mexico? On December 12, you can enjoy astronomical phenomenontell you How do you do it and why is it so important.

This Sunday the comet will pass much closer to Earth, just over 35 million km to be exact, so it can be seen more clearly, as it has been observed since last December 6, albeit to a lesser degree.

When does Comet Leonard appear?

Comet Leonard will make its closest approach to Earth this month, making it possible to observe it with binoculars or a small telescope, with some predictions even indicating that it may be possible to observe it with the naked eye.

in the northern hemisphere, Comet Leonard will make its closest approach to Earth on December 12, When it is about 35 million km from our planet. Around that date, before dawn, Leonard would be seen with the naked eye almost anywhere in the world.

A practical way to determine the path of Comet Leonard is to center between the constellation Ursa Major and Arthur (the third brightest star in the night sky in the constellation Boyero).

When can Comet Leonard be seen in Mexico?

Comet Leonard can be seen in Mexico at its fullest from 6:36 a.m. Its closest point will be at 7:54 a.m.

How can Comet Leonard be seen?

Although astronomers expect that Leonard’s brightness will reach between 5 and 2.5 degrees per week before December 12 (Like a star so faint it can hardly be seen with the naked eye)“The brightness and visibility of comets is unpredictable,” according to NASA.

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Most likely, it is almost impossible to notice with the naked eye in the sky with minimal light pollution. Instead, it is best to use binoculars or a hobby telescope from rural areas or from a sky free of light pollution.

How do you see comet Leonard near Venus?

After Sunday, December 12, Comet Leonard will become an evening object, and unfortunately, its trajectory will mean that it will remain fairly close to the southwest horizon just after sunset.

However, on Friday, December 17, 2021, there is a possibility of seeing it directly below Venus, although only those with a very low and clear horizon will have many possibilities.

Why do comets shine?

Comets are made of frozen gases that heat up as they approach the Sun, and this heat makes them glow. as The gases heat up and expand, and the solar wind (subatomic particles that radiate from the sun), expels the expanding material toward the comet’s beautiful tail.

Professional astronomers can observe six to twelve comets on any given night. But comets visible without the aid of telescopes are very rare, appearing only for a year or two every 10-15 years.

Last summer, humanity was able to observe comet nukes. Some hope Comet Leonard will leave new surprises for astronomy fans.

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