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Confirmed about the appointment of Tomas Hajdo Nikola Jalewski! “This is not the time for experimentation”

The football community in Poland is commenting on the appointment of Paulo Sousa to the Polish team’s qualifiers for the World Championships. Among the players praised by the Portuguese coach was Nicola Jalewski.

The appointment of the young AS Roma player raises a lot of controversy. There is no shortage of supporters who believe that a talented footballer can take advantage of the opportunity, just like the nominated Cockpar Kosovsky who has already appeared in the Euros. However, Tomas Hajdo disagrees with this hyperopidemia.

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– I have a slightly different view of such businesses. He is certainly talented and has immense energy. But when you sit down at appointments and draw the line after the euro, you have no argument for making a difference. You will not consider him for the first team because these matches are very important to us. No time here for experimentation. You need to invite people who are willing to come, play and score. We have to chase. In a moment, the same people praising the careers of young players will speak in six months – what kind of coach is not promoted? Jalewski and Kosovsky are talented, but for me Jacob Komiski is ahead of them – said the former Polish representative.

The Poles will play three qualifiers in September. First, they face Albania at home on September 2, three days later from San Marino, and at home against England on September 8. After three rounds, Biało-Czerwoni is fourth with four points and three “eyes” less than the second Hungarian and five less than the leading English.

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