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Marszałek Sejmu Elżbieta Witek, orędzie z apelem ws. głosowania korespondencyjnego, źródło

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. Siege’s new speaker? –

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. After the PiS lost the vote during the last meeting, Marshall showed legal opinion and ordered a reconsideration.

Also, as a result of the talks held during the two-hour break in the debates of the three Kukiz’15 MPs – Paves Cookies, Jarossov Sachajko I Stanisław .uk – changed his mind. Thanks to this, the discussions were not adjourned and the controversial Lex TVN Act was adopted by Sezmal.

Last week, KO and Luvika reported to the prosecutor’s office the possibility of Marshall committing a crime. Elbieta Witek. The Left has also announced that it will file a motion to reject it.

The most important lawyers

The comments made by Sezmin’s speaker during the restructuring came three years ago and are related to another matter, in addition, did not end with a re – evaluation. On Monday (August 16), she herself admitted it on TV, presenting the professors’ comments on camera: Saomir Batra, Resort Pyotrovsky I Sabina Krabowska. He said the rest came from the parliamentary legislature.

“Big surprise,” the TVN24 professor responded to this information. Pyotrovsky. Because, even at your station (August 11), shortly before Marshall announced that this restructuring was planned, I told him that if this happened, it would be another act of destroying the state and destroying parliament. The crisis of democracy. If Marshall calls me I will say so, but it did not happen, ”the constitutionalist promised. In his opinion, “these are all signs of false belief.”

“Refers to the notion that existed three years ago to make a decision in the new reality situation, and – as it turned out in this case – legitimate, completely irrelevant,” the professor stressed. Priest. “In my opinion, this is a long-term abuse,” he assessed. “I feel like someone who used the name and authority (…) as an alibi for actions I never signed, so I feel used in this sense,” said Sawomir Batra.

The former chairman of the Constitutional Tribunal was also harshly critical Andrzej Soul. He said Marshall “lied to the delegates” and that his behavior was “contrary to parliamentary democracy.” When referring to examples of parliamentary procedures aimed at forcing members to vote in a particular way, the word “political corruption” should not be used here because it is pure corruption, as it should be called. “It is punishable and it is done by the representative of the country in Seam. In a normal civilized state it is really impossible,” he added.

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“Marshall deceived the members by talking the opinions of five legal experts. This is already a scandal. It is a scandal when it comes to the attitude of the country’s second-in-command, Sezmin, and it should not happen. It compromises our parliament,” he said. He should resign.

PiS politicians in defense of Marshall

Defended by Sage Marshall, Inter Alia, Prime Minister Mathews Moraviki. In his opinion, it is a normal practice to repeat the vote, which is often used in parliaments around the world. “It’s weird to focus your attention around this. Look at what you once proposed,” he added.

On the other hand, the Minister of Education and Science Presmisa Jarnek He vowed that it was “not true” that Ellipeda Videk would not speak with the five lawyers he consulted about withdrawing the vote last week, and accused the TVN24 reporter who heard about it of “believing manipulations”.

As he put it, “Ms. Marshall Videk, with a request for rehabilitation, went to her office to consult with several lawyers in succession, because we asked five people … lawyers, she told us about it, and then we went to the room, so that it was based on some 2018 comments. Please do not manipulate.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sports Piotr Kliski However, he explained that Marshall “referred to a specific legal knowledge of the interpretation of the operation of a particular arrangement.” He also stressed that it was not entirely clear when Sezmin’s sessions would be moved.

“Pan (Donald Dusk Sage is not qualified to comment on the merits of the event. There is something called art. Speaking of reconsideration Sezmin Acts 189. Here, the decision was up to Marshall, ”he said, referring to the PO chairman’s important statement.

Ivory: This is a disgrace to the whole world

Former Prime Minister and President of the Council of Europe Elliptical Wittek in Gotabhaya said he had “committed a criminal offense”. What Marshall did was, in his opinion, “lie, first, the so-called decision of the vote. Reconsider, and then lie face to face that the solution recommended by the five lawyers.”

Tusk admitted that politics was nowhere near as clean, but – as he put it – “what has been happening in recent years, especially in the months, is beyond human imagination”. “This is a disgrace to the whole world, it is a violation of the law and the constitution. And it is done with such cruelty – after all, they look at you all from the TV screens and ask with a smile on your face:” And what are you going to do to us? “

Dusk also admitted that he began to fear that “they could do anything” in the face of the “shamelessness, malice, openness to do evil, lies, and fabrications” found on PiS. He also asserted that Marshall Whitteck had committed a crime. “This is not about any state tribunal, but it is a criminal offense,” the head of the civic platform estimated.

Two candidates for Sezmin’s new marshal and both from BSL?

According to Onett, the opposition candidate for the SEZ speaker’s seat will most likely be the leader of the Agrarian Party. Wadysław Kosiniak-Kamysz Or current Deputy Marshal Piotr Zgorzelski Even from the PSL. According to the media, yesterday (August 17) talks on the matter, Inter Alia, Boris Budka (PO), Votsimiers Jorchasti I Christoph Kagowski (Left), Wadysław Kosiniak-Kamysz (Alliance Poland-PSL), Szymon Hołownia I Hannah Kill-Friday (Poland 2050), Mica drink (Contract), Christoph Bosack (Federation), Andrzej Sonners (Polish Affairs) i Stanislaw Disco (Cookies’15).

Kaukovsky had previously promised that talks on a new Sezm Marshal were underway in all opposition parties. “Meetings are scheduled this week to select a candidate or candidates who will hold power in the Sejm from the hands of the PiS,” the left-wing politician said.

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Broad compromise is needed

However, it is not easy to reconcile the joint opposition candidate for the new deputy speaker, as it must be approved by representatives of all opposition parties, including those on the former deputy prime minister’s agreement. Jarosa Govin Includes Kukiz’15 votes required, but Paves Cookies He has already announced his opposition to the dismissal of Elipada Videk. In an interview with Rzeczpospolita, he argued that his contract with PiS, Inter Alia, included. Voting on employee matters until the end of the term.

The opposition hopes to support many PiS representatives, who are worse off than you think in the ruling party’s club. “Finally among PiS MPs< நீதிமான்> I do not deny that, “said Onet, quoting a PO politician who wants to remain anonymous.

Vote for a job?

There has been an unbalanced balance in the Sage for some time and a few votes determine the majority. The PIS Club has 227 MPs, but like the ruling party, two unincorporated MPs vote: Asukasz Mejza I Zbigniew Ajchler. This time, three members of the Cookies ’15 would like to vote similarly: Powell Cookies and Jarossov Sachajko I Stanisław .uk.

However, according to Onet, the opposition did not want to benefit, and even more so if the first resolution to dismiss Sage Marshall was rejected. Until the effect. The PIS is trying to get as many votes as possible on its side. So yesterday (August 17), Prime Minister Moraviki appointed Deputy Ministers of Development and Technology Krzekors Pichoviak I Andrzej Good-Mostowy (They both resigned after Jarossa was ousted from the Govt., And Good-Mostov announced yesterday that he was leaving the deal).

In addition, the head of the Ministry of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak Information Another deal politician said on Twitter Marcin Osiba He returned to the post of Secretary of State in this Ministry. He is also said to be the candidate for the post of Minister of Development, which was Govinda until recently.

Sezmin’s next session is scheduled for September 15-17.