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Sopot TOP of the TOP Festival.  Budka Suflera and stars pay tribute to Romult Lipka, whose wife receives the award.  "Please forgive my feelings"

Sopot TOP of the TOP Festival. Budka Suflera and stars pay tribute to Romult Lipka, whose wife receives the award. “Please forgive my feelings”

Music, Dance, Singing, Colorphones, A Review Fashion And the galaxy of stars, and in the background … the real art, it’s the work of Romuwalt Lipka – the first day of Sopot is behind us Top Of the TOP function. During the concert, the composer’s memory was uniquely evoked. The Budka Suflera group, which has been a part of Lipco for many years, invited special guests to the stage: Isabella Trojanovska, Anna Garvan and Macy’s Balkar, to pay tribute to the deceased artist.

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Romuwalt Lipko did not lose hope until the end of his days!

TOP Festival The first day of the Sopot TOP of 2021 – in memory of Romuald Lipka

Felicjan Andrzejczak began a short but moving musical memoir of Romuald Lipka. The former singer of Pudka Suflera performed “Zolka” worship during the concert, and addressed his colleagues who died from his performance career.

Dear Romak, I want to thank you for your beautiful songs.

The other members of the aforementioned band played the next hits composed by Lipka, but already in the company of other singers. Anna Garvan sang “Nothing can last forever”, and Isabella Trojanovska traditionally sang about “everything she wants today …”.

Vonyak-Stark in a feathered work on The Top in Sopot Top

Messrs. Balkar explained the beautiful refrain “Just such a lonely house”, which we associate with the performance of Christoph Kukovsky. The mini-concert ended with “such a tango” in the lead role with the band’s current singer, Robert Charsky.

The audience applauded the artists’ concert, and Romulda Lipka’s widow listened to everything from the audience. After all, she had the opportunity to enter the stage herself. On behalf of her deceased husband, she received the Cooperative Raw Award from ZAiKS, a representative of the Writers’ Association. Dorota Lipko did not hide her emotion.

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Dorota Lipco at the festival in SopotDorota Lipco at the festival in Sopot Eastern News

Ladies, this is a beautiful moment for me, but a difficult one. 40 years of memories … Please forgive my feelings. I firmly believe that the music created by my husband will be immortal to you. Thanks, her voice broke.

There is no need to comment on these words. Are you curious what will happen in the next few days of the festival?

Agnieszka Miroziaska, Camila Kamiska, Maja Hai, Barbara Gurtej-Staden, Mattus TomiyakiA gathering of stars at the wedding of the “colors of happiness” star. Kurtez-Satan is a bride