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Anna Ventichovska went to the mountains with her daughters.  "I have to wear them"

Anna Ventichovska went to the mountains with her daughters. “I have to wear them”

  • Anna Wentzikowska makes life better. He travels with his daughters from one resort to the next
  • 6-year-old Cornelia and 3-year-old Antonina are the eyes of a famous mother, sometimes not making her journey easier
  • Journalist “Dzień dobry TVN” admitted that during several walks, she had to carry her children because they did not want to walk alone
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In recent months, Anna Ventichovska has traveled thousands of kilometers during her luxury travels. A journalist celebrates his 40th birthday in three weeks Recently returned from the CaribbeanAnd more I had been to Costa Rica before. Coming soon Instead she went with her daughters to the beautiful Greek island of SantoriniThere he admired the landscapes and the film sunsets. But that is not the end. The reporter for “Dzień dobry TVN” has been in Italy for several days. The mother of 6-year-old Cornelia and 3-year-old Tosia chose the beautiful Tuscany, which delights millions of tourists every year. The magnificent landscapes do not make an impact on the daughters of the star, and hiking in the Tuscan mountains and valleys is not really like that..

The rest of the article can be seen under the video:

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Anna Ventzikowska did not fail to boast of a series of photos of the Tuscan Abyss. This is not surprising, because the scenes have their charm. A mother who travels regularly praises her children in one of the photos. She went for a walk with them, but admitted that such a journey was not easy.

One of the fans was interested in the presenter’s explanation and She asked directly if Anna Ventsikovska’s daughters were hiking alone in the mountains. What a reporter does to encourage young children to walk. Mom’s response, Cornelia and Tocia came very quickly. That it turns out The 40-year-old had to carry her children while hiking:


Anna Ventsikovska responds to the Internet user

Internet users are not surprised to see this fact. It is similar to her:

Do you carry your children with you on hikes and hikes?

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