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A knockdown at the top of the Top Sopot Festival.  Organizers confused Vicky Kapoor with Roxy Veg

A knockdown at the top of the Top Sopot Festival. Organizers confused Vicky Kapoor with Roxy Veg

The second day is behind us Sopot Top at the Best Festival of 2021. During the concert on Wednesday, the artists competing for the Amber Nightingale showed themselves on stage. Among them, among others Roxana Vegil, David Kyatkovsky, Vicky Kapoor And Arek Kuzowski.

There was a brief presentation of the stars prior to the performances by the following artists. And it was in this field that mistakes were made. The production confused Roxana Veggie with Vicky Kapoor, a historic success at Eurovision Jr.

Let us remind you that the winner of the competition in 2018 was Roxana Vejil, thus paving the way for Vicky Kapoor to win the Junior Eurovision Song Contest a year later.

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Vicky Kapoor and Roxana Vigil encourage fans to vote in the Sopot contest

Amber Nightingale is an award-winning soap opera based on TV audience votes. Not surprisingly, both of the nominated young singers encouraged fans to vote for them.

Vicky Kapoor posted a short appeal under the photo from the closet.

Roxana Vigil released a post promoting the sending of text messages for her performance.

This year, the statue went David Kvyatkovsky.

The Top Sopot Festival 2021 ends on Thursday 19th August. A concert on the 20th anniversary of TVN24. The broadcast of the event will be available on the homepage of at 19.30. We invite you!

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