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Lex TVN veto intensifies PiS

Lex TVN veto intensifies PiS

According to the author of a comment published in the Tuesday edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, Poland is in danger of “turmoil in domestic politics” following the president’s decision. The justification for Duda’s veto is like “a break with his political homeland.”

Weiss writes that a president’s veto may have “far-reaching political implications.” As he insists, the right-wing power camp has been in a “permanent crisis triggered by controversy over direction and personal maneuvering” since Duda was re-elected more than a year ago. In Sezmil, the government retains a majority only for dissenting groups.

The FAZ journalist predicts that the president’s veto against the law that the PiS wanted to pass, even at the cost of the conflict with the United States, would accelerate the decay process.

Weser believes other parts of Europe can “breathe for now”, but the only reason is that the shortcomings of the existing rule of law will not be affected by the issue of media freedom.

“However, we read in the FAZ that it is feared that the intensification of the PiS will continue to threaten the loss of power as a result of internal problems arising out of harsh anti-European rhetoric.”

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Weiss warns that the turmoil in Polish domestic politics could have a direct negative impact on the EU – “in the face of Russia’s policy of aggression, the stability and credibility of the member states in the East are more important than ever. The EU and NATO.” “In the Kremlin, the effects of the PiS policy will be welcomed again,” Weser eventually wrote.

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