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Was Samuel Pereira from TVP Info hiding in the bathtub from bail?  Stressful comment

Was Samuel Pereira from TVP Info hiding in the bathtub from bail? Stressful comment

Samuel Pereira In 2019 he was prosecuted Krzysztof Brejza, Then leader of the Civil Coalition’s election staff. A journalist from the TVP Info website was about to publish text messages made from a politician’s phone. Let’s just remind it It was recently revealed that Breza was one of those who was being monitored using Pegasus software. Wife of Krzysztof Brejza in October this year. He posted the contents of the court letter on Twitter, showing that Pereira had not wanted the summons in a long time.

“Chronology of events. On August 25, 2019, Pereira released the information that started it. In it, he delivers fake SMS messages received from “investigative materials” from Christophe Breza. During the campaign, he writes defamatory tweets and proudly says he is waiting for a lawsuit. We continued the case. Perera has been avoiding correspondence for two years. I am compelled to serve him with a statement of bail that he is hiding in the bathtub. I do not deny that he knew the details of the case – from the services, from Pegasus. Finally, Pereira regrets that he received the case he heard earlier. He calls the legal attempt to issue letters by bail “an intrusion” – he wrote Dorota Breza.

You can see the rest of the article below the video:

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As evidence, she threw out a portion of the court letter The bail attempt to meet the former editor of TVP Info was described in detail. The document states:

In a conversation “through the door”, the person at the scene said that his name was not Samuel Pereira and that no one at this address had such personal details.. The advice note was left in the inbox. At. At 12:05 pm, the addressee, Samuel Pereira, called to find out which parcel the bail was trying to deliver (…) “- it was written.

Photo: Twitter / SzJadczak

Simon Jatsak on Twitter

Was Samuel Pereira from TVP Info hiding in the bathtub from bail? There is a reaction

Recently the information spread on the internet again, because of that Simon JatsackWho shared an explanation of Samuel Pereira’s surprising behavior. An investigative journalist wrote on Twitter:

The editor of TVP Info did not take long to respond. Samuel Pereira made a small comment on Twitter this afternoonIn it he mocked a journalist who leaked information that he had avoided meeting with on bail. He wrote:

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Photo: Twitter / SamPereira_

Samuel Pereira on Twitter

Samuel Pereira mentioned this situation in the post In October 2020, Roman Girdiech lost consciousness while searching his home by the CBA.. He also mentioned the December 2018 incident Someone set fire to a small toilet next to the apartment in Krzysztof Brejza..

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