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Legia Warsaw - Rako Cestochova.  Five goals and one win for Rako.  Best League

Legia Warsaw – Rako Cestochova. Five goals and one win for Rako. Best League

Cessa Michnevich made a number of changes to the line-up compared to the match against Vikri in Suu Kyi. Many substitutes played in the Polish Cup, but today some of them had the opportunity to highlight themselves in the first minute. Cesari Mista reappeared in the opening eleven of the Polur Championships because Arthur Borou was given a holiday. The Legia coach again raced in line with four defenders, and at eleven again the hero of the encounter with Vikri and Spartak appeared to be Lirim Castratti.

Rocco’s coach surprised fans by betting on the goalie Cocker Trelovsky from the first minute. At the start of the season Vladimir Kovasevich made a great impression, but this time Cocker Trelovsky stood out among the Polish runner-up positions. From the first minute, Valerian Quillia appeared in line. The Georgian played at Legia last season and is now in charge of creating offensive action on Cesari Mista’s goal.

Legia Warsaw – Rako Cestochova. Guests received three points

At the beginning of the competition, the hosts took advantage and took chances to gain the lead. Andre Martins shone, he was already very close to hitting the net in the 15th minute of the game. The Portuguese attacked the bar, and Legia continued to create new actions aimed at scoring the first goal. The Polish champions were able to hold the ball for a long time in the half of Rako.

However, the guests opened the end of the meeting. In the 28th minute of the match a mistake was made by Cesari Mista who fouled one of the opponents in his own penalty area. The offense is undeniable and it is difficult to talk about the arbitrator’s error. It even seemed that there was no need to leave the goal because Mike Nowroki was standing next to the opponent. Ivy Lopez approached the ball. The Spaniard fired a shot to the left, where Cesari Mista threw himself. However, the goalkeeper could not intervene to counter such an accurate shot.

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Legia had to strive for balance, and after a few minutes they were able to do it, which the hosts owe to Mahir Emerald’s abilities. The Assyrian striker took the ball to the edge of the penalty area and turned a very strong shot from a sharp angle, which completely surprised Cocker Trelovsky. The win was amazing and Emirali scored brilliantly, scoring the most impressive goal. The behavior of Tomas Petracek, who could not defend the Legia striker, deserves a crime.

Raghav tried to break Legia’s field control with dangerous counter-attacks. After one of them, it seemed like another goal would be scored for the guests, but Mike Nowroki showed a fantastic intervention. The defender of the Polish champions was one of the best players in the first half, he performed well with the defenders, he was able to kick the ball from the goal before the break, however the ball seemed to pass him and in a short time he will reach the goal.

After the break, Rago went to the pitch very excited, which was noticeable after a few minutes. After a corner kick, Fran Duterte hit the net next to the amazing Cesary Mista, using a cross extension to the goal. This time Legia’s defenders did not show up. This is not the only bad news for the fans of the hosts because after four minutes it was 1-3. An excellent free-kick shot by Ivy Lopez, the Spaniard sent the ball over the wall and defeated Mista. Within minutes, the inhabitants of Częstochowa were in a better situation and on their way to victory in the capital, although in the first half it was not obvious.

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Cessa Michnevich reacted to the pitch events, introducing Ernest Muse and Tomas Beckard to the pitch. Ihor Charat was also introduced in the field, in theory he should not be responsible for improving the quality of the attack, but he was the one who scored a contact goal and at the same time scored his first win for Legia. The midfielder technically hit a dozen meters and defeated Cockpar Trelovsky, giving Legia hope for a positive outcome.

At the end of the game Cessa Michnevich’s players tried to balance, and Rakov focused on counter-attack and effective defensive play. At the end of the match, Mahir Emerald missed a fantastic opportunity without hitting the net from two meters. In the end, the players from Częstochowa won Zazienkowska 3: 2 and are in very good shape. If they win late games, they can enjoy a leadership position with two points on the table.

Legia Warsaw – Rakov Chestochova 2: 3 (1: 1)

Goals: Mahir Emerald (33), Ihor Sardin (70) – Ivy Lopez (from 29 sentences), Fran Duterte (53), Ivy Lopez (57)

Cards: Bertos Slice, Arthur Zedrezczyk, Cesary Mista, Andrei Martins – Vladislav Gutkovsky, Gianis Babanikov

Legia Warsaw: Cesari Mista – Arthur Zetrezczyk, Mathews Videska, Maik Nowroki, Philip Maladenovich – Bardos Slis (64. Tomas Beckard), Andre Martins (58. Ihor Sardin), Josu – – Lirim Kasrti (72).

Rako Cestochova: Trelovski kakpar – antrej niyulis, tomas petracek, Fran Tudor (78. Żarko Udovicić), jiyanis papanikolav – Marco poletanovic (59. Igor Shabana), valerian kuviliya, Ivy Lopez (78. Daniel ssoloskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskolikovski) Fabio Sturgeon), Sebastian muciyolik (78 .Alexander Quides).

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