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We know the plans of the Polish Football Association for Sousa.  Federation and its views, one of which is "Force"

We know the plans of the Polish Football Association for Sousa. Federation and its views, one of which is “Force”

Until a few days ago, no one believed a scene like this. Now it is an undeniable fact that Palo Sosa wanted to leave. The Portuguese summoned President Cesare Culosa and announced that they wanted to end the agreement by mutual agreement. The president of the Polish Football Association did not agree with such a proposal because he considered the coach’s behavior “very irresponsible”.

According to the Brazilian media, Paolo Sosa has already signed a contract with Flamenco, which contradicts his agreement with the Polish Football Association. However, from what we have learned, the Polish Federation does not know whether this is true. In this case, they base their knowledge on the news coming from the coffee country.

Palo Sosa leaves. Looking for a new coach is a priority for the Polish Football Association

According to information received by Wprost from those familiar with the case, at this point the entire work of the Polish Football Association is focused on looking for a replacement. The federation’s priority is the March play – off matches and preparations for them. The issue of resolving the conflict with Paolo Sosa seems to have been pushed into the background, and that relationship is awaiting a move from the Portuguese.

In the Polish Football Association, there are two scenes on the table in this regard, and no one can imagine that anything will change in this regard. First Force: Portuguese move to Flamenco, Polish Football Association demands compensation before FIFA. The second option is much quieter: waiting for a proposal from the federation coach or club, and it should cover the appropriate remedy.

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The meeting with Susa has not yet come

A possible meeting of PZPN representatives with Sousa is not yet planned, but as far as the subject of the talks is concerned, one thing can be ruled out – the Portuguese could be in that position. According to our informants, if there is a meeting between Cezary Kulesza and the coach, it will have only a formal and institutional dimension, because it is absolutely impossible for the Portuguese to continue to lead the representation. – Loss of confidence in Sousa is final – We ask at the Polish Football Association.

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