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Julio Iglesias Jr. is the star of DVB.  Who is the unknown singer?

Julio Iglesias Jr. is the star of DVB. Who is the unknown singer?

  • Julio Iglesias Jr. will be the star of “New Year’s Dreams” organized by TVP. The singer was announced as an “international star”
  • Last month, only 7,000 people listened to the artist’s songs on Spotify. Users
  • Spaniard’s last author’s album came out in 2012, after which he released an album with other artists’ hit cards.
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Every year on New Year’s Day, most of us have fun until dawn. So, in Jakobane, near the Tatra Mountains, the “New Year’s Eve of Dreams” will take place again. In addition to the well-known singers from “The Voice” and the disco-polo band, “Foreign Stars” will also appear on stage – at least the organizer announces this. Until now, the word “star” refers to a celebrity with a reference to “international” – a world-renowned artist and a widely recognized artist. Everything changed when TVP announced that Julio Iglesias Jr. was the “star” of this year’s New Year celebration.

Of course, the singer has some of the most famous artists in his family, but he is not an international star. If you want to enter a singer’s name in an internet search engine and find something about him, it’s hard to call him a “star”. Fortunately this name makes something dawn in everyone’s mind. The artist is the younger brother of the most famous brother Enrique and the son of Julio Iglesias. In addition, the young man has a sister and seven siblings.

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However, don’t be so strict, let’s look at the singer’s music career in more detail. We will not mention his mini appearances on American television or the success of the Spanish “Dancing with the Stars” because it makes no sense on the Jacobin show. Let’s start with the fact that only 7,000 of his songs have been heard this month. Spotify users. By comparison, Mata’s pieces reached more than 2 million listeners, and Iglesias’ older brother attracted nearly 17 million music lovers in just 30 days.

TVP promotes the New Year celebration and its star with the hit “La Camisa Negra” and the words “You all know this guitar riff”. Yes, we do know, but it was performed by the song’s author Juanz, which was a huge hit across Europe in 2005, peaking at number one. Kylie Minogue also soon sang the cover of the song. Julio Iglesias recorded his edition nine years later as the first single from the album “Latin Lovers”, which actually includes only updated versions of Spanish language hits. By comparison, Juan’s music video was viewed by more than 150 million Internet users, and Jr. gave me ten times – 15 million.

His last studio album was in 2012, which means the singer has not recorded any new original content in nine years. His debut album “Under My Eyes”, released in the United States in 1999, was not very successful. Julio has had no luck in music since the beginning of his career. We would like to remind you that his older brother has sold over 150 million copies of his albums worldwide and is one of the leading representatives of the Latin music scene.

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For several days, the media in Poland reported that one of the singer’s many hits was a joint tour with Cher. We do not want to cool anyone’s emotions, but at first it was two decades ago, except – before a great concert – the audience is often warmed by little known or local artist. In comparison, Nicki Minaj’s concert in Łódź was opened by Smolasty, and featured Natalia Less’s songs before Celine Dion’s performance in Krakow. Surely no one would put them on a shelf? Of course, this may be an important event for Iglesias, but we do not deny it – but we will not add it to the list of “best achievements of an international artist”.

In short – Julio Iglesias Jr. is definitely not an international star. There will probably be people in Spain grateful for TV shows, American soap operas or family ties. Make no mistake about it, we also know Makta Steskovskaya, but it is difficult to compare his successes with the achievements of his sister. We would also like to emphasize that we have not snatched away the professional achievements of the Spanish singer, but we will wonder why Polish television is trying to convince everyone that he is a great artist. However, this will not be the first time – at the New Year’s Eve party a year ago, the unknown Pedro Santana reminded us of his biggest hit “Oba, Oba”. When the station noticed that someone was imagining that interpretation, it quickly changed that information to “Pedro Santana was a big hit many years ago! Now everyone:” Oba, Oba “”. Maybe this time we should stop cheating the poles, not to tell them that bringing Julio Iglesias Jr. to Poland is a great stage achievement …

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