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Na zamknięcie trzeciej rundy fazy "każdy z każdym" Polacy zmierzyli się z Brazylią. Niestety spotkanie nie ułożyło się po myśli naszych kadrowiczów, którzy przegrali 0:3 (17:25, 26:28, 19:25). Teraz Biało-Czerwonych czeka trzydniowa przerwa.

League of Nations: Polish volleyball players lose to Brazilians 0: 3

At the end of the third round of the round robin stage, the Poles faced Brazil. Unfortunately, this game did not go well for our teammates who lost 0: 3 (17:25, 26:28, 19:25). Now the piano-cervonic is waiting for a three-day break.

All the volleyball fans were waiting for this match. President and runner-up in the VNL table and World Champion and runner-up: Poland and Brazil met in a live match. Both teams have the same record of wins and losses (7: 1).

The start of the first game was very similar, but the difficulties in the attack of the White-Reds that began to be seen became more noticeable over time. The Brazilians played better in defense and played more effectively on the counter, which made it much easier for them to write more points on the scoreboard. The points scored by our opponents set the end of the set in a row. Canerinhos just won the start.

The second version is more severe. Our staff was constantly looking for a way to keep Wallace busy in this conflict, while at the same time fighting with great dedication in every action. Unfortunately, the searched points came with great difficulty to the poles, not allowing the Brazilians to drop themselves at any level. In the tough decision played for the benefit, the referee found a transfer error on the side of the Polish team, thus ending the game in favor of the rivals.

In the third inning, Bruno Resente split the balls mainly between Wallace and the equally effective Lucarelli. The Polish side still did not have the attacking power, however the volume game was good. Unfortunately, we handled the modules and their aftermath very poorly creating effective hits. Kanrinhos trailed by a few points, not allowing themselves to take advantage, finishing the match in three sets.

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Kamil Semini played a good game, as a team player, he was not afraid of the world runner-up and was a frequent favorite of Fabian Triska on the attack. The host scored 15 points throughout the game, almost 50% effective in attack.

Now the players of Vital Heinen are waiting for a three day break and our volleyball players are returning to the dance floor.

World Nations Association. Navroki: This competition is for learning and gathering experience