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"This is one of the biggest scams."  Like the looted Lynette, Kryzhikova may have problems, as did Matkowski.  Tennis

“This is one of the biggest scams.” Like the looted Lynette, Kryzhikova may have problems, as did Matkowski. Tennis

This is 1: 3 and 40:30 in the first set. Magda Lynette attacked the court with the foot of Katrina Siniakova. Barbora Kryzhikova stands and watches. It’s hard to believe he can’t see. After a while Kryzhikova believes it is an auto. Another trace points to evidence – from a ball that previously landed behind the court. It gets 40:40, a moment later the Czech team breaks the Polish-American pair, they win the game, they leave 4: 1.

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“Ika Świątek’s decision should be applauded. Winning a Grand Slam match is not always possible.”

Magda Lynette will not play in the final. A slanderous decision at a crucial moment

“We all saw it”

– This situation could have a significant impact – says Markin Matkowski. The Czech women are confident of winning the doubles final at the US Open 2011 and the mix at the US Open 2012 and Roland Krose 2015. But it makes clear: the hatred lasted.

– The tax judge should take note of this. The Chief would not have seen. And Kryzhikova. It cannot be proved that he showed a different trace of purpose. Anyway, we all saw that the ball was clearly fine – comments Matkowski.

Lynette / Pera - Referee error in Kryzhikova / Snyakova gameLynette / Pera – Referee error in Kryzhikova / Snyakova game Eurosport

The day before, Kryzhikova said: “I can not believe this decision.”

If Kryzhikova had been deceived, it would have been very difficult to understand her attitude, since the day before she might have been the victim of the judge’s biggest mistake.

Roland Cros millimeters from image disaster!  This result will change the history of tennis!Roland Cros millimeters from image disaster! This result will change the history of tennis!

In the singles semifinals with Maria Zakari 7: 5, 4: 6, 9: 7, the Czech Republic took the lead in the decisive set of 8: 7 and 40:30, when the Greek threw the ball. Kryzhikova was already enjoying his promotion to the finals because the side judge took care of the car and called it quits. But then the main orbiter came down from the stool and evaluated the traces of flour and decided that the sugar was appropriate on the court. Restarts showed that the referee had made a major mistake. “I can not believe this decision,” Krezhikova later said. Fortunately, she said it after the win. Fortunately, the judge’s fault is not a bar.

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Iga Świątek and Bethany Mattek-SandsExpert predicts Roland Garros final. What are the opportunities for Ąwiątek and Mattek-Sands?

“Until the end of his career, it was not easy. Everyone remembered how he behaved.”

KREZYKOVA – In the most controversial situation since the sugar match, the Greek is innocent. It was difficult for her to judge whether the ball had hit the court because the other side of the court was far away.

How it was with Krezhikova, we will not determine one hundred percent. But some will start to look at a Czech woman with suspicion.

Let us recall part of the doubles final at the US Open 2011, in which Markin Matkowski and Marius Firestenberg faced Jர்கrgen Melzer and Philippe Petschener.

It is worth watching to the end, when in the last seconds, when you are slow, you can clearly see what happened.

Philip BetsnerPhilip Betsner Screen from Eurosport

– It happened at 2: 6, 2: 2. We made up for the lost game and returned to the match. I was serving. It was 30:30, I had a volleyball exhibition, I was playing hard on the court, the ball bounced off Bedzner’s leg and turned to our side – Matkowski recalled. – The judge did not see it, the action was very fast. However, we suspected that the ball had hit Betschner, and we began to ask him if he had been hit. He disagreed and said nothing like that had happened. We only found out he lied after the replay match – he adds.

An Awesome Five Set RG Semifinal! An Awesome Five Set RG Semifinal! “The Most Important Success in My Life”

“This is one of the biggest scams I have ever seen in tennis. We lost 2: 6, 2: 6, perhaps this situation did not affect the outcome, but for many years, until the end of his career, it was not so easy for Bedzner, and everyone remembered how he behaved – one of our best tennis players in history. – Krezhikova may explain that he did not see, here it will be the opposite of the word. Betschener could not help but feel it, because it was a blow, after which he must have injuries later – says Matkowski briefly.

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