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We know the full LKE finalist.  Roma demolishes Bodo / Klimt, not Jalewski Big

We know the full LKE finalist. Roma demolishes Bodo / Klimt, not Jalewski Big

In the first quarter, the Olympique de Marseille players won 2: 1 and started the rematch under special circumstances. This was evident on the pitch because initially the spectators tried to notice first in the defense. In the end, they advanced to the semi-finals of the European Conference League with a goal.

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Olympique Marseille advanced to the LEK semifinals

After the first whistle, the PAOK players created more chances and they definitely played with more pressure. The guests, however, focused on security. The Thessaloniki team’s ineffectiveness was finally avenged. The players made a mistake in the middle of the field in the 34th minute. The spectators quickly left the counter, playing from the right side of the penalty area with Matteo Quentici Dimitri Byot, who hit the post into the net, making it 1-0 in the spectators’ game.

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In the second half, although the PAOK players wanted to make up for the defeat, the team leading the match did not allow much in the way of the opponent. Even the four changes decided by their coach did not help the Greek club. Time was short, and PAOK had to score two goals to walk extra time. For example, it was close when Andrea Zhivkovic scored a shot in the 70th minute, but Steve Montonda saved the Olympics. They could not even blow the referee’s final whistle once. As a result, they bid farewell to the games in the conference league in the 1/4 final, losing 1: 3 to the French team overall.

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Jalewski shines in AS Roma – Photo / Klimt competition

In the second evening match, AS Roma defeated Norway 4-0 in the Bodo / Klimt. After the meeting, Nikola Jalewski reappeared in the Italian team, which received rave reviews. Not surprising though. The pole showed an aid after controlling the ball and counter-attacking. Niccol Janiolo converted Jalewski’s beautiful pass 3: 0. Tommy Abraham opened the scoring in the 5th minute. Janiolo scored three more goals. The Romans were well aware that they would have to strike hard after appearing 1-2 in the first leg. Not a single goal was allowed until the end of the game at home.

Leicester and Feyenoord in the semifinals

Slavia and Feyenoord faced a chance to advance to the semifinals in Prague. In this match, the first goal was quick because Serial Tessers scored in the second minute and the guests took the lead in the Czech capital. It didn’t take long for the hosts to respond as Ibrahim Benjamin Troy scored an equalizer in the 14th minute.

The fans had to wait a while for the next goal after the team changed. Tessers scored the second goal in the 59th minute. That was not enough, the Dutch finished Slavia 11 minutes before the end of regular play time. This time the goal was scored by Louis Cinistera. In the end, Feyenoord defeated the Czechs 6: 4 to advance to the semifinals.

Earlier on Wednesday, PSV Eindhoven players from Leicester City faced off. The first game ended in a goalless draw. Now the start of the tournament pointed it out because the teams did not present a high level. Everything changed in the 27th minute when Eran Jahawi scored. Mario Gotze created the atmosphere for him. This is how the hosts guided.

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PSV owes a lot to the goalkeeper who has revealed many successful interventions. However, James Madison scored in the 77th minute. Then, two minutes before the end of the match, Ricardo Pereira entered the list of goal scorers. So Leicester won 2-1 and knocked out PSV in the quarterfinals.

Quarterly results of the League of European Conferences

  • PSV Aintovan – Leicester City 1: 2 (Total 1: 2)
  • PAOK – Olympic Marcelia 0: 1 (1: 3)
  • AS Roma – Photo / Klimt 4: 0 (5: 2)
  • Slavia Prague – Feynord 1: 3 (4: 6)