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One ace, the rest on average. Match Notes Poland – Brazil

The Polish volleyball team lost to Brazil 0: 3 in the 9th round of the League of Nations. The world champions suffered their second defeat in this year’s tournament, this time the style of play of the White and Reds was confusingly weak. Commenting on the match, Tomasz Svatrovsky and Wojciech Triska critically evaluated the performance of Vital Heinen’s players during the match. What scores were given to individual volleyball players 1-6 after the game?

Only one volleyball player from the Polish national team was awarded by our commentators, while the performance of the others was averaged. They pointed out that the reason was the lack of play and the rhythm of the competition. The coach is still experimenting, and in practically every League of Nations match, the poles play in a different set, and it is very rare for a few players to be sent to Heinen fights. Of the seven volleyball players who played against the Netherlands the previous day, only Matthews Phoenix appeared on Friday.

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– This is not our target event. I don’t want this to be an excuse, but it is facts. We are waiting for the “shot” of the shape of the poles during the Olympics and to predict the form of the Olympics in the League of Nations finals, in the top four. This failure will not change anything, we still have some tough meetings, but I think we will manage. The Brazilians may have a chance to make a comeback in this match. In the final – said Svatrovsky.

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Polish volleyball players’ notes for the match against Brazil (0: 3):

Fabian Trisica3

Kukasz Kaczmarek 3+

Pyotr Novakovsky3

Mattus Phoenix 4-

Jacob Kochanowski 4-

Kamil Seminuk5

Mickey Kubiak3

Damien Vojtasek 3-

Attached Video Content Reasons for Volleyball Players’ Rating for Poland – Brazil (0: 3):

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