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Weekly Horoscope for June 13-19 2022. The last full moon is before us before the summer season begins

Weekly Horoscope for June 13-19 2022. The last full moon is before us before the summer season begins

The full moon in Sagittarius is an event that closes the spring chapter and prepares us for the summer solstice. We have a positive strawberry moon in front of us – what do we experience in its energy?

Weekly Horoscope – Full Moon 2022 in Sagittarius

This week will be dominated by an important event – Full moon in Sagittarius. The last full moon of spring will bring to your attention some important things. In the process, your intuition will strengthen. We experience sudden instincts and important expressions. When the sun shines on Gemini, Luna shines on the brave archer. The sign of fire helps us to put an end to uncertainty or inner fears. It will also take us out of the confusion of Wednesday’s recent reaction. Now it is important to follow your inner truth. Here is this week’s magic for your zodiac sign

Strawberry moon is the time of truth

Full moon in Sagittarius, viz Strawberry moon, June 14 will peak on Tuesday. This stage is not about asking questions, it is about finding answers to questions about the future yourself. The recent months have enriched us with knowledge and thanks to that we have found our next path. Sagittarius will become our guide. With him, we will go where we want to go. Even though we care about the opinion of others in the current Gemini zodiac, we are well aware of what is good for us. Without doubting ourselves, during this wholeness, we will boldly express our feelings.

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The strawberry moon will make you see the world through rose-colored glasses.

Sagittarius, or Freedom

June full moon will also emphasize our desire for freedom. This is the perfect opportunity to do spontaneous actions and say “yes” to any adventure that comes our way. Especially if it is related to travel or further education. Have faith. Even if you do not have all the details, trust that your inner compass will always guide you in the right direction.

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