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New “Gokal Mogil” Anna Mucha: Acting like a crazy girl is awesome

– In the gallery, I had the opportunity to listen to, listen to, and use the advice of my famous, experienced colleagues, such as Dorota Stolinska, Kasia Schrysneka or Marion Opania. I was happy, absorbed, and felt like a schoolboy again. It’s a completely different job and a lot of fun – Anna Mucha told us about the work of the new “Gokal Mokla” set during the interview, which you can see below.

Anna Mucha: This film is a tribute to Katharsina Lanivska and her character

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Anna Mucha: Poshina is a little crazy. It’s awesome to play like crazy girls

During the conversation, Anna Mucha further stressed: – I like this film to be a very acting film, so every character is handled in a very balanced way. This is very interesting and educational because working on the set will often keep your product calendar e.g. It is a matter of changing the availability dates of the places we shoot. So we do not work linearly and do not register chronologically – this will drive you crazy. So it is very important to maintain a certain sequence of character. Dorota Stalińska and Kasia Skrzynecka did it in a wonderful way. A lot more actors can never be forgotten. Katarzyna Łaniewska – This is also a film, it is a tribute and memorial to all of us, do not be afraid of this word, for this character and for this actress. A large figure. I’m so glad I’re involved in this project: it’s fun and touching, and there are moments when the tremor passes – inspiring the actress. He also explained that he wanted to work on Ilona Lepkovska’s scripts:

I admire Ilona epkowska for her ingenuity and sense of humor – often for being so teasing and contradictory, as well as for being able to accurately and accurately assess reality, for example a show business backyard. This is also a sentence I have to admit, but I am always happy and ready to hear it. For more sense of care, I am also very happy to be associated with this project. Ilona Łepkowska does not take prisoners, so for me it is – perhaps in vain – illusion or accidental feeling that I am not there.

We remind you that the previous part of this series, “Mismass or Gogol Mogul 3”, was watched by almost 2.4 million viewers in the cinema. “The End of the World or Kogel Mogel 4” is directed by Anna Vaichur. What can we expect at this time? Like Kasia and Professor Volansky, Agnieszka and Marcin’s love blossoms. Grandma Solska only dreams of marrying her only grandchild. However, her ex-boyfriend, Bosenka, stands in the way of young Javada’s happiness. Volanska decides to radically change his life and disappears into a mysterious situation. The silence of Peter and Marlenga Storm Unexpected arrival of mummy from abroad … and some very compromising photos trigger the avalanche of events. The real end of the world is ahead.

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