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Treasury pays Poland! PLN 3,000 even for IKZE participants

Author: Andrzej Bęben

The treasury will give you over PLN 3,000! Powerful cash back to IKZE holders. What is IKZE and how to get PLN 3,000? These so-called voluntary savings forms for pensions are the 3rd pillar of retirement. Everyone can take advantage of them, and one of the incentives may be to deduct contributions from the income, resulting in a large tax deduction from the tax office. To avail this year’s tax deduction, you need to hurry.

IKZE Limits for 2021. Tax concession

An element called IKZE, i.e. the individual pension protection account, is the third pillar of the pension – i.e. the voluntary savings for future pensions. IKZE, IKE (Personal Pension Account) etc. can be opened in the form of deposit, investment fund or brokerage account or purchased in the form of insurance. The two products are very similar to each other and do not differ much. The big advantage of IKZE is the current advantage of saving capital for the fall of life.

Savings accumulated in IKE are exempt from capital gains tax. You can pay a maximum of 300 percent each year to IKE. Average monthly salary estimate for a given year in the national economy. In turn, no more than 1.2 times in IKZE. From this year onwards, self-employed people can pay more in IKZE – 1.8 times the average gross salary. The limits are higher every year. Therefore, in 2021, the maximum limit for IKE is PLN 15,777 and for IKZE PLN is 6,310.80. Self-employed persons can pay PLN 9,466.20 to IKZE. Importantly, there is no need to regulate payments to your IKE / IKZE account – even a transfer in December is sufficient. Taking full advantage of these limits and being in the second tax range, employees can reduce their tax to more than PLN 2,000. PLN, and more than 3,000 people running non-agricultural businesses. Zloty.

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Retirement Pensions 2022. How much can a guarantor take from retirement pensions and other pensions?

The most important events of 2021

Relief for IKZE 2021. This is several thousand slots

The biggest benefit of IKZE is that in addition to saving money for the elderly, the use of an annual tax deduction. The amount of tax deduction we receive from the treasury depends on two factors: the tax rate at which the depositor is present and the amount paid to IKZE in a given calendar year. – For example A natural person in the first tax range and paying the full limit in a given year will receive relief of PLN 1,072, while for the second, higher tax range, the relief amount for this fee will be as follows. Like PLN 2019. This year, a new limit was introduced for non-agricultural self-employed persons. By paying the full limit and settlement with the maximum tax limit, such person will receive relief in excess of PLN 3,000. – Damien Bergen, Regional Sales Manager, General Investments TFI, explains in an interview with the New Syria Business News Agency.


Are you saving extra for future retirement?

When and how to withdraw money from IKE / IKZE?

In this regard, IKE should be used. By paying the accumulated capital after reaching the age of 60 (or at the age of 55, but after receiving retirement rights), we will avoid capital gains tax, viz. Belga tax is 19 percent. You must make more than half of the value of the amount you paid to IKE at least 5 years prior to the date of submitting the Saver Withdrawal Application. Slightly different rules apply to withdrawing savings from IKZE. The saver pays a flat income tax of 10%. Disbursement of funds accumulated in IKZE takes place on the condition that the depositor pays to IKZE at least 5 calendar years after reaching the age of 65 years.

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