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Dorota Kenny, Jacek Pawlak i Andrzej Nowak – zarząd Spółki ASM Group SA

Confusion in the ASM Group

Dorota Kenny, Jacek Pawlak and Andrzej Nowak – ASM Group SA Board of Directors

ASM Group announces: The public meeting ends attempts by former president Adam Staczak to seize power by force in the company.

The Extraordinary General Assembly meeting was held on May 31 at the request of the majority of shareholders owning more than 50 percent. Participate. ASM Group SA shareholders at the extraordinary shareholder meeting decided to file lawsuits against former president, Adam Staczak. At the same time, decisions were taken to remove doubts about the representation of the company.

The company’s board of directors confirms that from the very beginning of the confusion caused by Mr. Stauchak, the actions of the former president were devoid of any legal basis and intended to take power in the company by force. – Comments by Dorota Kenny, ASM Group Chairman.

The shareholders adopted a decision to pursue lawsuits against Adam Stachak, who managed the company until the end of 2019. The decision relates mainly to the manner in which the former president implemented the investment in the Vertikom Group and used the company’s funds for private purposes.

– Mr. Staczak tried to stop the business of the company’s board of directors with the aim of settling his activities during the period in which he was president. During the general meeting of the shareholders, decisions were approved by which the company demanded its rights to settle Mr. Stańczak for making a wrong deal that exposed the company to financial losses and using the company’s funds for private purposes. The Board of Directors will also take action against Mr Stańczak for the damage he has caused, in the period during which he has informed the public regarding his functions in the company. – says Dorothy Kenny.

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The extraordinary public meeting also appointed a supervisory board, which confirmed the composition of the ASM Group Board of Directors, chaired by President Dorota Kenny, Mr. Jacek Pawlak and Andre Nowak.

I am convinced that the General Assembly and the decisions of the majority of shareholders end this difficult time for the company. There is one properly appointed board of directors in ASM Group SA, consisting of Dorota Kenny, Jacek Pawlak and Andrzej Nowak – says Dorothy Kenny. The priority of the Board of Directors is to support the operational activity and development of the group. The more stable pandemic situation in Europe will favor the return of the ASM Group to the growth path – Adds Dorota Kenny.