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Construction of the OTBS module in Wojciechowice.  Storm discussion at town hall (photos) - My Ostroka

Construction of the OTBS module in Wojciechowice. Storm discussion at town hall (photos) – My Ostroka

Wojciech Chois, Kulik Meyer and several city councilors participated in discussions of the Municipal Economic and Environmental Protection Committee. The meeting discussed construction plans for the OTBS block near Ul. Parties. A heated debate ensued during the debate.

Ul residents are on one side of the controversy. Residents who refuse to build apartments in their neighborhood. They are concerned about local environmental degradation and deforestation. They expressed their opposition in the petition and in an interview given to our website.


On the other side of the block is the town hall. The president needs an apartment to temporarily relocate residents from the dilapidated building on 42 Wozniacki Bolshoi Avenue. Parties12.

There are many questions and doubts surrounding the planned construction of the unit in Wojciechowice. A meeting with the participation of both interested parties was held at the City Hall on Tuesday, May 24 to clarify the contentious issues and shortcomings.

ukasz Kulik: “You have to move from Wojciechowice to a second tier district”


ukasz Kulik sees the construction of a new block as an opportunity for the development of the garden. New blocks New residents settling in Wojciech and half the children go to local school.

If you do not agree, the school principal should close the school. Because if regionalization is taken into account, children from Wojciechowice are not enough And we have to close the school. When I close the school, there will be no young people there. One has to move away from Wojciech as a secondary district. If people do not go there, if they do not live, the garden will be further marginalized. The president said he was trying to build a new apartment complex where families with children could live.

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“Block location does not collide with trees”

Tenants have been complaining for years about the argument often raised by residents against the construction of apartment buildings, the cutting down of old trees and greenery, and the unpleasant stench.

– We have only one oasis that neutralizes these undesirable effects. We hoped the authorities would help us and that they would create a park for us. Mr. President, don’t you smell that? – Says one of the residents.

Councilor Stanisaw Szatanek explained that the new investment – if it pays off – will not interfere with ground-growing trees.

The location of the first block where the president spoke did not interfere with any trees. No one had any plan or intention to cut down valuable trees in the first phase of construction. It is necessary to move people from Wojska Polskiego Avenue, and it will probably end there. It will not be a community building. The new module will enhance the quality of the entire environment and you will benefit from the lack of parking spaces. Lots of parking is planned – says Councilor Szatanek.


Mierzejewski: “Blocks are just a concept”

Presidents of the Municipal Management and Environmental Protection Committee, Presidents ukasz Kulik and Mariusz Mierzejewski, have stressed that talks are underway to build a single unit. The creation of the next is the “future of the future.” The city does not yet have the money to fund the first building and its construction is only a “kind of concept”.

We are talking about a kind of concept. No building permit here. The whole process has not started yet and we are talking about our fears at the same table. It seems to me that this plan, and the idea of ​​recreating this home tissue, will pay off in investing more money in the estate and trying to revive it. “I do not want to believe that the current government, or the government that will come in 10 years, wants to eradicate good quality herbs,” said Councilor Marius Mierzhevsky.

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Ecomena offers help

Stanisaw Gycki, a member of the “Ekomena” association, also spoke out, assisting the president in reconsidering the plan.


– I propose to try to work on the concept of placing greenery on building blocks and maps, we will provide it to residents – says Kiki.

The meeting will take place at that location

The president will ask for wages to meet with residents at the site where the block will be built.

– I recommend we meet at that place. Let’s go there and see. Now the question is, where do you think this green area is, will it be a block? Did you say there will be a block? This block will end up at the height of the stadium and maybe it will catch some hole gardens. So where is the stadium and where is the greenery? It is 200 meters – Says the President.

The meeting with Wojciechowice residents will take place on June 8 at 4 p.m.

Let’s get back to the topic.

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