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Alpine WC: Michael Schiffer’s 70th win

American Michael Schiffrin won the grand slam at the opening match of the Alpine World Cup in Solton. It was the 70th trophy win of his career. In second place was Swiss Laura Good-Behrami, who was in the middle, and Petra Valhova of Slovakia in third.

Sixth in this tournament at this year’s World Championships, Marina Kozinica-Daniel did not finish her first run. She had a good first lap, but in the next episode she didn’t reach the goal and got out of the way. However, the rough trail on the Redtonbach Glacier was not her favorite. In the previous seven starts (since 2012) she has not qualified for the second run.

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The second Polish woman, 19-year-old Suzuki, played well in the European Cup, unexpectedly finishing 19th at the World Cup in Cordina de Ampho, approaching the first World Cup points in her career. She finished 34th of the first run, and was 0.44 seconds short of ascending to “30”.

The first match confirmed that the season will be very interesting. Schiffrin, who has had personal and health problems in recent years, is back to normal. The 26-year-old American announced his seventh major Crystal Ball fight and on Saturday he took the first step toward this goal.

After the first run, the American, Olympic champion from Pyongyang lost only 0.02 seconds to this year’s world champion Good-Behrami. Second, Schiffer was the fastest and beat the Swiss in 0.14 seconds. Vlhova, who won the trophy last season, advanced from sixth on stage.

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The men will compete in the Solton on Sunday. Gąsienica-Daniel’s next Cup opener will be on November 13 in Austria’s Lech / Zuers. In this match, at the World Championships in Cordina de Ampos, Polga advanced to the quarter-finals.


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