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KSW 64. Another failure of the Carolina Ovsars.  Sylvia Zuskievich excels in Ldź's derby

KSW 64. Another failure of the Carolina Ovsars. Sylvia Zuskievich excels in Ldź’s derby

Carolina Oversours (4-2) suffered her second defeat at KSW. The woman was stopped by Sylvia Zhukievich (10-6), another city fighter.

Macy’s Sumovsky

Sylvia Zhukivich (left) and Carolina Ovsars

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The fight was supposed to take place within the straw type limit, but Carolina Ovsar’s health issues prevented her from slowly lowering, so the women faced a 56kg contract limit.

Sylvia Zukiwicz has been involved in alternate MMA and K-1 fights since 2012. The 26-year-old gave KSW fans the 55th number, and after three rounds he lost to Carolina Wajik.

Owczarz, from dź, held his first and second professional fight at the Atlas Arena, during which KSW 64 takes place. She lost to Justina Haba.

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“Mana” played the fight very cleverly and dominated most of the match. Fifteen minutes later, the judges had no doubts and unanimously acknowledged Zuzkievich’s victory.

The boxer had the advantage mainly in terms of punches. 101 useful at 224 feet. With Owczarz it was 19 points in 116 attempts!

The KSW 64 gala airs on PPV system. Extensive coverage of the event on WP SportoweFakty. In the evening fight, Sebastian Prybis will face Bruno Santos defending the championship belt in the Phantomweight division. Earlier, Mariusz Budjianovsky would cross the gloves with the Senegalese “Bombardier”.

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