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Polina Mainarska responds to the Bosena diagio.  Strong feedback

Polina Mainarska responds to the Bosena diagio. Strong feedback

  • The branch of the best artist did not go indifferent to the words of the actress about depression
  • The journalist explained that his father struggled with bipolar disorder, yet stress is one of its components
  • Minorska addressed the people behind the campaign, its ambassador Tigiel
  • You can find more on the main page of

– Vojtech Mainorsky also suffered from depression. It is lithium free. It is not added, this lithium. The body must produce it, and we must give it its substance. So you have to be careful in putting it in your mouth, do not eat anything, eat good ones. Besides, move around and read without staring at the phone and TV Tigiel said to the surprise of Eva Triska and Agnieszka Voniak-Stark.

Paulina Mainarska, who had heard of Tyciol’s speech, decided to take the floor.

– He started his entry on the social website. I immediately insisted on it “Depression is a part of bipolar disorder, which is very complex and difficult to treat.”. And while many struggled with it, not all of them wanted treatment, he said.

The rest of the text is below the video.

Pochena DiGiel is about depression

“When they do not heal, they destroy not only themselves but also their loved ones. So the action you face I would like to ask the organizers of the ‘Faces of Depression’ campaign to be a little more careful in choosing the well-known faces that call for cooperation. I will be quiet about the conspiracy theories of the cosmic mirrors and the Posena dialect. a good day! Take care of yourself “- Minorska pleaded.

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The actress wore these glasses, convincing the host of “Dzień Dobry TVN” that they help her a lot. Earlier, he said the epidemic was the result of a conspiracy by the rich and was actually causing less harm than the flu. Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak finally intervened and said: -In order not to lose touch with reality, let’s go to Takmara Kajmarek-Sasko and ask interesting things in the information.

After the TVL TVN show, the organizers of “Faces of Depression” released a statement in which he stated that “the opinion is not the opinion of the Foundation, but its personal opinion. She has not been consulted with us.” For thirteen editions of the campaign, we have made it clear that the only way to combat mental illness is a combination of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. We promote knowledge based on credible research (…) “- this is mentioned in the publication.