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KSW 64: Pudzianowski – Bombardier. what is the time? When to fight?

KSW 64: Pudzianowski – Bombardier. When, what fight?

The time has come for KSW 64. One of the most interesting events of the gala was the fight between Marius Putjianovsky and the Senegalese Bombardier. This is the second attempt to fit both players. Budjianovsky – When will the Bombardier fight take place? Budjianovsky – What time does the Bombardier start?

First, the Poland-Senegal battle was to take place in the evening of March this year at the KSW 59 battle. On the day of the gala, Bombardier suffered from an intestinal infection. The master lamb was taken to the hospital, and the confrontation with the “Budgean” was canceled. A few hours before the ceremony, KSW officials had to find a replacement. Eventually, Nikola Milanovic entered the cage with the former strongman. The fight ended with a quick victory for Budjianovsky.

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Half a year later, the leaders of the largest Polish MMA organization returned to the rankings. Fighting has been contracted for the KSW 64 Gala, which will take place on Saturday, October 23 at the Atlas Atlas Arena. This will be the main event of the gala. In the most important match of the evening, Sebastian Prybis will defend the championship belt in the Phantomweight division. Bruno Santos from Brazil will try to take the title from him.

On Friday morning, the heroes of the Saturday event put the measurements on hold. “Budjian” weighs 117.8 kg. It is much less than his opponent. For the Bombardier, the weight was shown to be 148.1 kg.

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KSW 64: When will the Pudzianowski-Bombardier fight start?

The KSW 64 Gala will start on Saturday 23rd October at 20:00. Budjianovsky and Bombardier will appear in the cage after 23:00.

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