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Daniel Rudkovsky before KSW 64: Bezig tightened his grip, he wants to tear my head off

After Daniel Rudkowski weighed in before KSW 64: Beijik was severely tense and he wanted to tear my head off.

He was so hard, he wanted to express his strength. This is what I expected – said Daniel Rudkovsky before KSW 64. On Saturday, “Rutek” will make its debut in the largest Polish organization, and his opponent will be Philippejik.

Igor Marzak: The Weight-Deposit Festival is a big show. How did you find yourself in it?

Daniel Rudkowski: I felt good because I loved it so much.

Today you only climbed the stage in one costume. I hope you will not forget to remove it when you go out of the cage tomorrow.

It happened. I wanted to be more elegant, not always sporty.

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How did you lose weight?

On Thursday I was a little stressed because in the evening I weighed three kilos more, but it was so much more that when I woke up in the morning I was 0.8 lighter. I had 2.5 hours, so I got drunk and ate. I was a little stressed, but it turned out pretty well

You, as always, smile on stage, but I think Bezik tried to provoke you there.

He was so hard, he wanted to express his strength. This is what I was expecting. I hope he wants to tear my head off tomorrow.

How were you in the 24 hours before the fight?

Now at 3pm I have lunch and at 8pm I have dinner. Then I get some sleep, get up in the morning, have breakfast, get up. Then I go upstairs and watch the fun.

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The full conversation in the video below.

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