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Complete News World - Legia Warsaw - Reserves: Win at Skyrnivis.  He played with others Vesovic – Legia Warsaw – Reserves: Win at Skyrnivis. He played with others Vesovic

Reserve coach Tomas Sokonowski II invited 18 players for Saturday’s game. The squad includes six players who will train with Legia’s first team: Marco Vesovic, Cocker Tobias, Mathews Solviak, Jacob Kiseel, Cockpar Schipki and Simon Vodorsik. The composition does not include Inaki Astisa (excessive suspension of yellow cards), Lionella refused (Often he has surgery and long breaks), Mycosage Kvidnevsky (Hip problems, maybe he will come to classes on Monday) i Patrick ConickWho is recovering from injury. There are no appointments on the list Cocker Koziniarka, David Nidevitsky I David Barnowski (They will play in the U-18 Spring) Pyotr Chichoki And Nasarija Rusina.

Six minutes after the start of the game, the rivals launched a counter-attack. Kamil Łojszczyk He ran to the right of the violin and passed to the left of “Sixteen.” David Diggilevsky. The Union player took the ball and then threw a flat shot, which was saved by Tobias. After a moment Markin Biskovsky He passed Vesovic in the side field and ran to the penalty area, but his retreat pass was cut by Kissel.

The first goal was scored in the 12th minute. Radosla Brusnik He threw the ball “sixteen” to Skippick on the left. “Skipa” fired a shot that the goalkeeper kicked in front of him. Vodorsik reached the ball with an excellent rebound. After several dozen seconds, the union was leveled. Jojszczyk shot from the right side of the penalty area, Tobias hit the ball to the side, David Diggilevsky He grabbed her, hit her left leg and put the ball in the net. Brushnick made the first mistake. Kiseel then gave up, and Djikolevsky escaped from Vesovici and headed the ball into the goal. After a while, the Versoviers took the lead again! Partomiz Sibila He went towards Radosva Seelemaki in the penalty box. The 18-year-old winger threw a shot from the air and beat the goalkeeper.

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How was Wesovic, the first game for stocks since June 2020? He willingly joined the attack and served in self-defense. With a score for the locals (1-1), Djikilevsky ran slightly past “Weso” and scored a goal. In an action, Montenegro appeared in the penalty area and effectively returned the ball to Warsaw, who hit it dirty. Several minutes later, the 29-year-old started again from the front – he crossed just sixteen just before the finish line, but the opponents rejected the threat.

Half an hour later the match was over and Wesovic went to Seelemki on the right. The second goal was centered on a post close to Warsaw. The opponent immediately jumped to the Legia striker, but – despite this – he was able to take a shot, which he defended. Micahs Brutniki. Before the break Warsaw played perpendicular to Wesov, who jumped 10 meters to the right, and Jacob Powell Kicks the ball into a corner. The team from Warsaw led 2: 1 until the break.

After the break, there were three changes to the rules. The following appeared on the grass: Johor Mesenko, Cockpar Skierskiasky I Oscar WojciechKiesel replaced Skipiki and Wesovic. Several dozen seconds after the change of sides, ojozszczyk decided to shoot from the 20th meter – the ball slipped slightly past Tobias’ goal. In the 51st minute Pykovsky ran from the left to the penalty area and went to Djigilevsky through the “sixteenth”, he got a leg and finished the rituals from close range. Shortly afterwards, Pinolsky reappeared on the sidelines of the penalty area, flattened, and Djigilevsky bruised. The referee awarded a penalty kick, but Tobias saved the shot Pave Sornecki. In addition, the Legia goalkeeper also saved a recovery Wadysław Kudriawcew, Then he kicked the ball and was fouled by an opponent.

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In one action, Skierskiasky ran from the left to the center and ran to the penalty area, but his right foot was blocked from hitting from 13 meters. Moments later, Djikilevsky blocked the ball on the side field and ran to Legia’s penalty area, but his shot turned out to be incorrect. At the end of the game, Kvyatkovsky threw a shot from the left side of the penalty area – Brudniki “washed” the ball into his feet. Victor KominskiIts shot was blocked by a defender and caught by the goalkeeper. After a while, Kamiyaski blocked the ball and hit the right foot towards the far post, the ball flew slightly above the goal. He scored the third goal for “Vojsko” in the 88th minute. Siebilla passed the cross into Warsaw in the penalty box, who took the ball well and blocked it. The game of football went to Kamiyaski, who successfully led the way.

In the end, the Warsaw team beat Unia 3-2 at Skinnerwes. Next week (April 24, 12:00), Legia II will play against the presence of Jacellonia Biastock at home.

Union Skyrnivis – Legia II Warsaw 2: 3 (1: 2)

Djigilevsky (14th min, 51st min) – Vodorsik (12th min), Seelemaki (24th min), Kamiyaski (88th min)

Union (startup organization): Brudniki – Makuch, Pavelek, Tsarnecki, zojszczyk, Kowalsik, Karazek, Dzigilevsky, Pykovsky, Kudryovsky, Berovsky

Legia II: Tobias – Vesovic (46 ‘Vojticiak), Kishil (46’ Mesenko), Brusnik, Soleviak – Kurovsky, Siebila, Warchos – Skippyki (46 ‘Skyorskivsky), Vodarsik (64’)