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Funeral of Prince Philip.  Details of the ceremony and list of participants

Funeral of Prince Philip. Details of the ceremony and list of participants

The funeral of Prince Philip will take place at Windsor Castle in the afternoon. The celebrations will be private – only 30 people will attend. You can watch a special show on TVN24 and TVN24 GO from 2pm.

Prince Philip, 99, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died on the morning of April 9. His funeral will take place Saturday in Windsor. It is requested that they be private in nature, that no public processions be held, and that outsiders not be allowed to enter public houses.

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The funeral will have to take place in accordance with the restrictions introduced due to the epidemic, so it will be completely different than previously planned. However, he presented Buckingham Palace, and efforts were made to fulfill many of the wishes expressed by the Prince.

Funeral services will begin at 3 p.m., UK time

Funeral services will be held at 3 pm British time (4 pm in Poland) in St. Chapel. George at Windsor Castle. The coffin will be moved from the private church in Windsor Castle to the Palace Gate, placed in the Army Land Rover, specially modified by the Prince, and taken back to the sanctuary. George. The children of the prince will walk near the coffin, and the rest of the participants in the ceremony, except the Queen, will go to the church in the royal Bentley.

Prince William and Harry, who are in bad shape, will not walk side by side, but will be separated by Princess Anne’s son Peter Phillips.

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Contrary to tradition, all men will be in suits, not military uniforms, which will help avoid controversy over the status of Prince Andrew and Prince Harry, who have relinquished their duties as members of the royal family for a variety of reasons. However, all participants will wear masks and be seated while maintaining the appropriate distance – infection control is required -.

The main funeral will begin when the coffin is moved across the nave in front of the altar in St. George’s Chapel. The memorial service will be hosted by Windsor Dean David Connor.

The “emblem” of the Duke of Edinburgh, mainly his medals and decorations, are to be displayed on the nine pillows of the altar.

At the end of the funeral the body of the prince will be buried in the royal chapel of St. George Chapel to the sounds of the national anthem.

The blessing will be given by Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, who celebrated the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the same church.

People laying flowers in front of Buckingham PalacePAP / EPA / FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA

Will sing during the ceremony, but there will only be four people in the choir, and according to the BBC, the prince will perform selected songs. The ceremony, as Buckingham Palace announced, primarily marked the prince’s military career and later achievements.

Attended 30 funerals, including three German relatives of the prince

Funeral should be in accordance with the restrictions introduced due to infection. The population is limited to 30. Buckingham Palace released the list on Thursday. As announced, all 30 were elected by Elizabeth II.

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In addition to herself, the list of participants in the ceremony includes Carol, Anna, Andrzej and Edward with their spouses (except for the divorced Andrzej) and eight grandchildren, four of them – William, Zara Dindall, Beatrice and Eugenia – with their own spouses. However, there would be no big grandchildren because they were considered too young.

The flag of Great Britain lowered half the mast at Buckingham PalacePAP / EPA / ANDY RAIN

The remaining ten, the late Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret – husband of David Armstrong-Jones and Lady Chatto, three of the Queen’s cousins ​​- Richard, Gloucester Duke, Edward, Duke of Kent and Princess Alexander, Countess of Mountbatten, most German relatives. Their figures did not appear in the British media speculation about the list of participants.

Buckingham Palace said “the Queen was faced with a very difficult decision in selecting the participants.

Special program on TVN24 and TVN24 GO

On TVN24 GO and TVN24 you will find a special edition dedicated to the funeral of Prince Philip. It will start 2pm on TVN24 GO. From 3pm to 5pm it will move to the TVN24 antenna, but they can be tracked over the internet. Then, until 6pm, the special program will continue on TVN24GO.

Special program on TVN24 and TVN24 GOShutterstock

In addition to the broadcast of the main ceremony, which will begin at 4 p.m.

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Key Photo Source: PAP / EPA / ANDY RAIN