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Finance Minister Tadeusz Kościński “Guest of Events”: Sorry for the inconvenience

At the beginning of the year, due to the entry into force of the Polish Agreement, some professional groups, e.g. Teachers and uniformed workers were paid less.

Last Friday, the finance minister signed into law an emergency law that would change the way income tax is collected. Thanks to this solution it was emphasized that individuals earning a total of PLN 5,701 to PLN 12,800 in Poland Lada will not lose. It was pointed out, among other things, that for teachers and uniformed services.

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When asked about the teachers’ low pay, he said, “I hope the uniforms and teachers will get their money back by the end of the month.”

– A lot of people get more, but they sit quietly and are satisfied. Those who are less noisy complain. They are right. You have to remember that this is a tax overpayment, it is a refund – the minister said in the “guest of events”.

Kościński: Polish order consulted

When asked not to consult in advance on the assumptions of the Polish agreement to help avoid the chaos seen at the beginning of the year, he said: – We are all smart today, but the Polish agreement has been negotiated for a long time. Over time, we training professionals signal to me about problems.

– Teachers have a slightly different work ethic, often with 3-4 employment contracts, and no one brings up the fact that you can only submit PIT-2 to one employer – he added.

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– Very sorry for the inconvenience. The Minister said that this is not the time to take time and cause stress to the people.

Asked what about pensioners who received the lowest transfers at the beginning of the year, Kozinsky said: “I think we will pass the law on pensioners through Sejm tomorrow.

“We are putting out the fire for now”

On the other hand, when asked whether taxpayers have to pay extra in the annual settlement, the Finance Minister replied:

– For now, we are putting out this fire, so the money is in the accounts today. Then we will check if there are any gaps.

“I will do everything I can to fix it,” he added.

– Nothing can be ruled out – said Kozinsky when asked if inflation would exceed 10 percent. “Of course, we are doing everything we can to reduce inflation so it does not grow fast,” he added.

– Inflation is often emotional. If we say there will be high inflation, it will be high inflation. The Finance Minister said that if this is approached rationally and calmly, inflation will not grow so fast, there will be no pressure and it will naturally come down.

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